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  • [Closed, Finished] Casting Call: Trixie's Great And Powerful Adventure

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    Author: Ninjadeadbeard
    Genre: comedy, ~4000 words

    Pinging the GOL crew and volunteers: @Emerald Heart @ExplosionMare @Fhaolan @Lord Valtasar @Quinch @Randimaxis and @Troblems . I hope I didn't forget anyone - again.

    Note to self, channel inner Twilight and invest heavily in checklists.


    This is a casting call for Ninjadeadbeard's Trixie's Great And Powerful Adventure, a cautionary tale of why the door to the Cutie Map room needs a lock. It's pretty silly and lighthearted and bears reading one way or the other.

    Here's the list of characters in order of appearance - notes for each of them are behind spoilers because, well, spoilers.

    Twilight Sparkle [ExplosionMare]


    Probably the trickiest role to play, mostly because she has a lot of different tones to hit - maniacal, worried, annoyed, really annoyed, flustered, panicky, confused, breakdown, and just plain broken. Has the greatest potential for comedy. Overacting is highly encouraged.

    Starlight Glimmer [ExplosionMare]


    Should be fairly easy - her role seems to be mainly being the calm and level-headed one.

    The Great And Powerful Trixie[Randimaxis]


    Mainly being TGaP Trixie - switching between dismissive {mainly towards Twilight} and her usual boisterousness. Bit of normal conversation towards the end.

    Three Random Mooks [Lord Valtasar]


    All three male, very small roles with barely a line or two each. Generic badguyness.

    Starswirl The Bearded [Fhaolan]


    Small {but oh so significant} role. Conversational, just a teensy bit offended, disbelieving and bashful.

    Luster Dawn {as a filly} [Open]


    Another tiny role as an awestruck child.

    Celeste Lulamoon [Open]


    An OC, Luster's babysitter and Trixie's daughter I guess? Should be a fairly simple role, bit of exposition and conversation,


    And that should be all of them. Here is also a copy of the story with all the roles highlighted for your perusing convenience. I'll keep this open for a week or so for anyone who might be interested. And as a sidenote, if you know anyone who might be into helping out with this or any other fics, feel free to send them this way.

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