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Features and Their Limits




Fillies and gentlecolts, it is my pleasure to inform you about various features here on MLP Forums!



Profile customization, signatures, messaging, roleplaying, uploading attachments, and few other things you may be familiar with.
All these little things, that should make your stay better!



Some of the features may have their limits however, and these may vary between groups. It is always good to be aware of these limits and differences, especially if you'd like to give other ponies advice related to these features.



Everypony starts as a Blank Flank and some of these features may be unavailable at first. No need to worry though, all you need is to raise your content count to 5. Getting to this point will advance you to the Users group, which will unlock these for you. You can read more about ranks here.

If you haven't already, I recommend creating your own thread in the Welcome Plaza to say hi and introduce yourself. It is a good place to make your first friends!



If you'll be feeling good here, you may consider supporting MLP Forums. Keeping this place open for everypony sadly costs some bits, so any contribution is always appreciated and will help the site grow. Subscribing for at least $10 will promote you to the special Subscribers group, where some limits are increased giving you more freedom, to thank you for the support.

No pressure of course, we appreciate every single one of you!



Below I present you a table showing the limits and the differences between groups.
It should help you see what features will be unlocked at 5 posts and what exactly subscribing offers.


Feature / Permission / Limit

pip_blank-flank.png.86b79995fbdb4080639b1b771b13c540.png 02319820-4124-4338-A03F-8E44466D9668.png.274ec366c3416b0692be8c6fe2e603d6.png subscribers.png.5070bf422777edfdd5b1e79ea7a2412c.png
Newcomers Users Subscribers
Username color Default Default Golden
Name changes No up to 3 every 30 days Unlimited
Custom member title No No Yes (contact staff)
Animated profile pictures No No Yes
Max profile photo filesize 0.15 MB 0.15 MB 0.29 MB
Max cover photo filesize 0.25 MB 0.25 MB 0.49 MB
Setting a signature No Yes Yes
Max size of image in signature --- 600 x 100 600 x 200
Max number of lines --- 5 15
1KHxxtz.png Remember: Signatures' max height is 200px. Longer signatures will be accepted, but everything past 200px will not be shown.
Uploading attachments Yes Yes Yes
Total storage for attachments Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max filesize of each attachment Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Private messages Incoming only Yes Yes
Storage for private messages --- 300 conversations Unlimited
Ability to upload attachments in messages --- No Yes
Editing own content No Yes Yes
Deleting own content No No No
Posting Status Updates Yes Yes Yes
Creating and voting in polls No Yes Yes
Creating blogs No Yes Yes
Creating Characters No Yes Yes
Creating Character Sheets (Legacy System) Yes Yes Yes
Character Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited



Have a good time here everypony!


Edited by Rikifive
14.10.2021 Updated: Character sheet limit | 01.07.2021: Added more information | 14.04.2021: Added support for Dark Themes

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