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Donating to MLP Forums: The Legal Lowdown

All payments to MLP Forums, including donations, are collected and processed by Poniverse, the nonprofit organization that owns MLP Forums.

All donation and subscription payments are final and non-refundable.

Donors and subscribers cannot earmark their payments for specific purposes or expenses. Unless otherwise noted, funds are pooled together and drawn from as needed at the sole discretion of Poniverse.

Donations and subscriptions to Poniverse are not tax-deductible; we cannot issue tax receipts.

Except for when the payment is part of a specific charitable fundraising event, a donation or subscription represents the purchase of a cosmetic, time-limited Donor or Subscriber status on MLP Forums and will be treated as such in the event of a dispute. The status will, for subscriptions, last until one's subscription expires due to nonpayment or is canceled; or, for donations, for 3 days per dollar paid.

Additional perks associated with donations and subscriptions, in addition to the above-described statuses, are given on a best-effort basis; these perks may be modified or discontinued at any time for any reason, with or without compensation, at Poniverse's sole discretion.

Other Poniverse properties may offer subscription or donor statuses and perks as well. Unless otherwise noted, these are distinct and separate from the subscriber and donor statuses offered on MLP Forums; subscribing to MLP Forums does not guarantee eligibility for such statuses on any other communities and vice versa. This may change in the future.

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Is there some sort of fund set aside or something?


Money donated to MLP Forums covers recurring costs related to the upkeep of the site. Any money that is not used a particular month is set aside for when it may need to be used in the future.

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