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Announcement: MLP Forums Official Resource Map

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MLP Forums Official Resource Map
Everything you could ever need to know!
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MLP Forums had very humble beginnings, but we've become the largest growing pony forum on the internet, since then. The amount of resources created by the forum's staff team and member base alike is truly remarkable, and all of it is out there for your use! Unfortunately, with such a large forum, keeping track of things can be a bit hectic. That's where this guide comes in. Use this as your springboard to the wealth of information that our forum has to offer you, all on a single page.


> The Forum FAQ --> Click here!
The staff maintains a very well-kept FAQ section, complete with a hierarchy of question categories. This FAQ is a living document, and is always being added to through member suggestions and staff decisions. Many common questions about the site, moderation and the forum's external projects and sites can all be found here. This should definitely be your first and foremost reference for questions.


* If you have a question you believe should be added to the FAQ, contact a moderator or administrator via PM.


> Site Questions & Tech Support --> Click here!
Many of the simpler issues members may encounter in their time here go in this forum. Things such as technical issues and errors you encounter, as well as general site questions are what primarily populate this forum. Topics here are specially moderated by members from our MLP Forums Staff, and must be approved before being shown. Members will be shown a short reminder for what sort of things do not belong in this forum, when they try and create a new topic. Those things instead belong in Support Tickets *see below*.


* The Site Questions & Tech Support forum makes use of the 'Best Answer' feature, which allows moderators to highlight specific posts that give the most accurate answer given to an issue.


> The Support Ticket System --> Click here!
Unlike many forums which utilize staff-to-member communication through the common PM system exclusively, the MLPF staff team prefers to lend its higher-level support to members through support tickets, moderated in a private area. Support tickets are accessible by going to the 'Client Area--> Support' section of your settings, after clicking your name at the top right of the site.


*Support Tickets should include queries such as:

  • Moderation
  • Moderation disputes
  • Questions regarding what may or may not be appropriate for the site
  • Advertising queries
  • Complex technical issues that only a Tech Admin can deal with
*If your ticket hasn't been getting a response, don't take it personally; the staff have a lot on their plate on a daily basis. Just PM a particular staff member with your issue, and they'll be sure to see that it gets immediate attention and that a resolution is reached.


> Staff Support Emails
If you for some reason cannot access the forum, and thus cannot create any PMs or tickets through the forum itself, you are always able to create a ticket by emailing the administration directly. Just send an email to the appropriate address below from your MLPF account's email address, and our system will take care of the rest.

> MLP Forums Posting & Reporting Guide --> Click here & here!
These two guides should help you feel right at home with how the forums work, from a glance! The first guide will show you exactly what each forum and subforum on MLPF is for, and what sort of topics you can expect to see there, while the second demonstrates the reporting system; how to use it and what sort of things members should report.


* Forum members reporting content is an irreplaceable help to the staff team, and it is an incredibly important part of our efforts in keeping our home top-notch.


> Primary Discussion Forum Elaboration Topics
In addition to the custom posting guide created by former staff member Klopp, we also have dedicated topics pinned at the top of our primary discussion forums. Some of these topics give descriptions, examples and numerous links to topics within their designated forum, while others give detailed walkthroughs of each section within their designated category, and give information about them.



Distinctive FAQ Entries:
There are numerous FAQ entries that are must-reads for all members. While everyone should be sure to take a look at all FAQ entries at some point, especially when seeking answers, these ones are even higher in necessity.

Donating & Subscribing:
Running a successful forum is no small feat. The staff has to pay the bills for our forum's upkeep, and to also invest in improving our user's experience here with us. For those interested in helping us make MLP Forums the greatest brony discussion board around, all members are capable of singular donations, or reoccurring subscriptions!Other Noteworthy Topics & Resources:
  • Need an avatar or signature? Consult the Requests Guild found within the Creative Resources section, and have your pick of one of the many individually-maintained avatar & signature request shops there, to get an avatar or signature of your own.
  • There are quite a few useful, but scarcely known about buttons and features around the forum. Check them out, here!
  • Are you a fanfic writer or project creator in need of writing assistance? Be sure to trot on over to this topic for some proofreaders to assist you in tips and tutorials!
  • Curious to know what all of our sites' past banners have been? Check out our Official Banner Archive!
This document is subject to future alterations and additions, just as the Board Rules and FAQ are.

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