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  2. Gotta post some cute pictures of myself when I was young.:ph3ar:

    See the source image

  3. Because it's usually watered down rock with absolutely no talent, no substance and no redeeming value. It's the southern version of really shitty pop music. However, some good country does exist. Check out Blackberry Smoke. Super good and I rather like it. And I hate country.
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  5. smh @ my mood swings

  6. I do like that. Seeing you as a very nature/Fey/Druidic/Artemis sort of superhero. Your powers obviously weaponize animals but they also nurture the land. Not that I think it’s a bad power but Disney based summoning seems oddly specific. Not knocking it and I do know you love your Disney as do I. Just that, you know, you can have that in spirit (no pun intended) without it being directly related.
  7. I’m so glad they did away with Region locking, i’m now more willing to import now. I got the Ace Attorney Trilogy on Switch when Capcom wouldn’t release a physical version in the US, when the same happened on 3DS I wasn’t able to do that The situation with the VC is still bullshit though
  8. medium.png

    All the fanservice went to her :mlp_rarity:

    1. Tacodidra


      Definitely! :twismile: She's also very cute, both as a pony and as a human! :kindness:

  9. They also got rid of what I consider to be... “questionable practices” they’ve started with the WII. Despite their short library of exclusives, those few games fell like the old Nintendo is back . Sure, they have made some mistakes like the paid online, but parts where I was concerned the most seems to be taken care off
  10. You're Welcome, BFFFF! So...Much...Chocolate! That's in Horsey, Ponesylvania. Aww.
  11. Most toys do the same thing as a matter of fact
  12. I WAS IN CHARGE OF SNACKS! Pinkie Pie's STILL feeling the effects of the sugar-filled treats she brought.
  13. It took me a while to figure out what the hell was really going on, before I really understood it. So yeah, there was a lot of mights and maybes, and confusion about what that actually meant for me as a person. Acting like confusion doesn't exist is a severe disservice to everyone who struggles with it. Mine wasn't bad, thankfully, but I didn't not have a moment where I went, "yep, I like guys too" and a switch was flipped. That just doesn't happen. You're missing my point entirely. What I meant has nothing to do with actually being gay. Rather, I meant the social stigma that straight men have for showing affection towards fellow straight men, among many other things. There is still a large section of society that states men must keep everything to themselves, cannot show emotion, cannot show affection to anyone except a spouse or their children, must never show fear, must never admit to failure, etc. While this is slowly being dismantled, there is still that pressure on many, many men and even on boys. It's these things that put up a barrier for more guys to explore things a lot more. Men exploring is looked down upon but women exploring is just fine. It's a product of genuine toxic masculinity and it hurts men everywhere.
  14. So I just joined another MLP forum, called Everypony. :dash: I'm curious if any of you have heard of it too, or maybe any of you are members there?  However I did stumble across @TheTaZe:laugh: 

    1. Tacodidra


      I've heard of it (and a few other MLP forums), but this is the only one where I have an account. :) I hope you have fun there too! :fluttershy:

  15. "No pony under 21 allowed in the casino."

    Does that mean other creatures under-age can gamble?

    1. Sparklefan1234


      I think they mean inches. :P

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