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  2. unless it was three significant digits, in which case it could be in the range 9000-9009
  3. And thus, we shall never know...
  4. One of those unanswered questions. The display on a scouter can apparently display up to three decimal places of accuracy, but the best he can do is "over 9000?"
  5. Cloverfield. I have never been a big fan of Godzilla-esque films where for some reason a giant monster decides to attack the city, but I think this is a rather good movie. It focuses more on the impact of the attack on a group of sort of average people than the actual monster attack, which is refreshing and story-wise simply a better idea. I like the found footage aspect of this, because it really gives us that perspective that it would lack without it. It is held back in my opinion by the fact it is a giant monster instead of maybe aliens or even zombies, but I still think it's a solid 8.5/10 film because of how well it manages to make a good story out of it.
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