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  2. Someone pissed off Sans.


    Frisky killed a Skeleton, and immediately after was struck by lightning. XD


    Why is it when I'm not recording, the good stuff happens, but when I record, it doesn't? 

  3. It came up in conversation with a few people at work that I got a drawing tablet and have been practicing. For some reason I didn't expect the next question: "What have you been drawing?"

    *thinking to myself* Let's see, I have a couple options here. I can downplay it a bit and not say, or -

     "I'm drawing ponies." :mlp_proud: Nailed it!

  4. Outlawed for not surrendering Fluttershy and her cottage to the Predacons, so we can use her cottage as our Base of Operations/Command Center in staging attacks on Ponyville by throwing cupkeks at the ponies and non-ponies of Equestria...
  5. Oliver smiled and put his arm around Jenna as she leaned against him. She was really soft, and hugging with her felt really nice. He watched the movie as well, but no doubt his attention would go somewhere else soon.
  6. Oliver nodded and kept driving, following Jenna's directions through town. He sighed to himself as they exited the city; he hoped he could come back after all this was over. "There's a gas station not too far from here," he said. "That the one you mean?"
  7. I need my Queen! My beautiful Queen of Love!


  8. An episode with the all pie sisters? It took them long enough, but better late then never. I really enjoyed this one, we got a lot of new interactions between the families and we learned more about their traditions. Limestone pie was undoubtedly the best part, she is, after this episode my favorite pie family member. They could have made her the antagonist easily but they didnt, they showed that not all characters with this kind of attitude are jerks, I love how unsocial she is. 9/10, however there were parts I thought could've been better, like the ending felt a bit rushed to me and like the part both pinkie and aj cried felt cringy to me.
  9. Why hello there! I hope you have an amazing time here!
  10. Well, one short thunderstorm with hail, wind and rain later, the temperatures are a little bit nicer (21°C) and the air isn't that humid anymore. By the way, I love the sound of rolling thunders. ^^
  11. Banned because badges seem to be a bit broken right now anyhow. Besides, Coffee is clearly superior (but if Fluttershy wishes to share tea with Discord, who am I to object?)
  12. This song is so underrated. Everyone talks about other albums being Trivium's best but this song is just so good! :fluttershy:


  13. Banned because handing out the event badges for that is closed.
  14. 1. That's cool. 2. I see, it's a catchy song. But, you remain as Rara, instead of Countess?
  15. It was a great episode, seeing trixie again was great. I liked the interactions between the characters, although some thing felt off, especially zecora teaching twilight, the way they interacted felt unlikely and weird. And why trixie dont trust wheels? She had wheels on her wagon before... Out side of those, the episode was fun, and the way they defeated trixie was very clever and I didn't see it coming. 8.5/10, I am dissspointed however they never explained more about the amulat and where it came for, after all its a powerful source of power.
  16. Banned for not providing Ginseng that really sings...
  17. Sometime they can be overbearing, but their "tough love" is something I appreciated them for.
  18. I won't bother going since I couldn't care less about my old classmate or their life after high school.
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