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  2. I don't wear glasses and never have for regular everyday use. I sometimes use reading glasses when I do artwork, but that's all. I would never use contacts because I can't stand the idea of something resting right on my naked eyeball. That sounds really irritating and uncomfortable.
  3. Magically pressurising water so that it can cut through things? That's reasonable, but would Ghalan be able to pull it off? His bio implies he pretty much only has enough hydromancy power to boost his steam-powered car and he'd be able to cut through things with gravity anyway.
  4. another late night :please: oh well ^_^ goodnight my flowers :kindness::rarity:

  5. Ugh, Zephyr would be the absolute worst character for Dash to fall for. He represents everything a prospective suitor shouldn't be, especially for someone who prides herself on her independence as much as RD.
  6. But yes, I wear glasses. Been wearing them since middle school.
  7. *I curl up on the cloud*

  8. Update. I'm forty now, and everything else stands! I remember when I was very little, being yelled at for how I cleaned my glasses. My mom caught me...LICKING the lenses! LOL!
  9. Chapelle's Show - "Frontline" - Clayton Bigsby UNCENSORED (the N word is used a LOT in this, just fair warning). Nonetheless, extremely hilarious.
  10. How many hats will Spike wear before the end of Friendship is Magic? Back on-topic, I think that the Series Finale will focus on everypony finding their place if/when Twilight takes over for the Princesses.
  11. Stop in the name of love by the Supremes
  12. Happy birthday, Mist! :D

  13. "Congratulations, Spike. You're the new Princess Luna!"
  14. Quote

    Wasn't Steve Jobs an animatronic figure Disney secretly created?


    His name does sound like something Disney would name an animatronic figure. :laugh: 

    "Disney's Carousel of Progress: Hosted by Steve Jobs the Worker-bot".

    1. cuteycindyhoney


      I did love how "My Life as a Teenage Robot" Deified him. Several times, where a human would have said "Thank God" Jenny said "Thank Jobs!"

    2. Sparklefan1234


      That was nice of them. :)

      "Thank Gates" would probably confuse kids. 

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  16. I've been wearing glasses since the age of 5, since I have an astigmatism. I used to be able to have decent eyesight without them, though now everything is just blurry.
  17. Totally! I've got a *bunch* of warm winter coats to keep every-dragon all nice & comfy.
  18. New OC! She doesn't have a name yet, I'm hoping for something maybe jester themed, or just generally mischievous sounding. I wanted to challenge myself to try and make a design inspired by a palette, since I haven't done that in a few years, I didn't expect to like the design so much. This is the palette she was based off of, but I didn't end up following it exactly.
  19. That's cool. Maybe Spike can help you with cold weather, he's been through winter. Spike?
  20. Dragons can stay in lava for as long as they want but they can't stand cold weather for more than a few minutes until they need something to keep them warm.
  21. I see. I know Dragons can swim in lava, but, how long can a dragon stay in lava?
  22. I'm guessing a message could travel anywhere in Equestria if you used a blue flame.
  23. Farther? Like how farther? Just wondering. Cause Spike's green fire travels to Canterlot and around Ponyville.
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