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  2. @Newman1651 posts about the the show ending and fandom reaction and the decline of the fandom go here.
  3. Just finished going through all the notifications from the week I was on vacation.


  4. Thank you for the follow!

  5. I had to put you at the top So full of happiness and joy! It's a delight to see
  6. Hey I really like your avatar 

  7. I'm going to play devil's advocate here and say: of course the show is ending. Everyone knows that. Seriously, who cares. Instead of assuring people about the fandom not "ending", why not just let people be able to process news at their own pace? There's no point trying to let everyone know about this, cause we all do. No time like the present, as I like to say. Besides, people have different ways of reacting to news. Personally, I wasn't even upset when I learnt the show was about to end. :/ Also, I'm not one to point out people's flaws, but... One moment you're doomposting about the show ending cause you were late to the fandom (or whatever the reason was), and another moment you're telling people the exact same thing you were doing a while back. For a casual fan, you sure make a huge fuss over fandom reactions.
  8. you made me laugh right away when l read your post! xD
  10. Goodnight everypony

  11. Time to hug again! It has been a while since last time. A few new friends have arrived! Are you missing?? It just means I haven't seen you around, drop by and say hello once in a while! I will hug a few strangers as well, some being interesting but I have never had a chance to jump into a conversion! *Hugs* @Guest @FluttershyWonders @Dawn-Sunlight @Tacodidra @Bleu @Twilight Luna @Partialgeek514 @Fasu @MistyMuffins @CelestiaLunA64 @Totally Lyra @Lord Valtasar @Sparklefan1234 @Maya-san @Meson Bolt @Treeglow Flicker @Goofyg22 @FireworkDash @SolarFlare13 @StarrySkyDash @Jeric @WWolf @Kyoshi @Emerald<3 @Nye @Sherbert MGS @R.D.Dash @ExplosionMare @Arc Flash @DivineGuard1000 @Lektra Bolt @Mellow Mane @Ninetales @Xeltor and @TheRockARooster
  12. Episode 20 was a great episode. Good lesson as always. I’m glad to see Twilight (for the second time now) giving friendship advice like the true princess she is.
  13. Making pizzas as home with your bros is nice

    1. Splashee


      Depends what "making pizzas" actually implies. Choose:


      • Microwaved frozen
      • Real pizza ordered from restaurant
      • Hurling (puking) together, making pizzas directly on the floor :scoots:
    2. Xeltor


      Basically doing everything from scratch :laugh: the sauce, la « pâte » (not sure how to say it in english) and choosing thé topping 




      and all of that on the floor

  14. my feet. I always wear socks on my feet to hide them and why because l never liked how feet looks. My are fine nothing wrong with them, its just how they look that's it. l agree with you. imo l say they're nasty!
  15. It probably didn't help that it was the movie RIGHT AFTER FF, the second best movie in EQG and MLP, and the movie that made Sunset Shimmer my all time favorite character.
  16. Thanks for the follow! :arethosehands:

    1. Dawn-Sunlight


      You're welcome!  I've made it a habit of following my followers when they follow me.  Do you follow that? :arethosehands:

    2. lyrabetes3939


      Most of the time, yes! :mlp_icwudt:

  17. until

    I'm going.
  18. Applejack in that film was just rude and l agreed with you how bad it was.
  19. God I wish I was physically feminine
  20. Ok uh lets seeeeeee hmmmm. Oh yeah my dog has no reason barking at my other dog.
  21. Toes. They're awkward, ugly and useless. They do nothing but get stubbed, hook on things, and just generally trip me up. I'd rather just not have them, honestly.
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