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  2. I don't really think I've had a birthday I'd consider to be 'the worst'.
  3. Banned for 100 posts in the last 10 minutes!
  4. Good morning ponies! :LunaMCM:

    I slept I feel really good. But, now I have a load of work to do. :lie:

    Be fun be free!

  5. Indigestion is an unpleasant experience. :yuck:

  6. Outlawed because I'm setting aside my Anubis - Zone of the Enders avatar. So I went back to Boba Fett.
  7. Robnif: you´re gonna have to make it more powerful though, let me help around that matter. But you will need to be patient though. Serenity (Evil): *she again sucks her mother´s hoof trying to find comfort* Sheoreth: *he laughs at her attempts* that´s it keep going, you will eventually get there *he smirked and keep poking her around her hole body*
  8. Banned for changing your avatar yet again.
  9. S.U.G.A.R jump into your racing car, it’s a sugar rush! Sugar rush! :yay:

    Wreck It Ralph soundtrack is awesome 

  10. Outlawed for getting in the way of my plans to disclose the secrets of Equestria...
  11. Banned for attempting to disclose secrets.
  12. Nope. This forum is still going strong and so are a few others.
  13. How to play bass like Lemmy.
  14. Here they stand, right before me.


    1. Mirage


      Twas a fine time we had that day. The Queen is quite the chatty girl when amongst favorable company. *giggles* :LunaMCM:

    2. DivineGuard1000


      @Mirage I-I don't know who to hug first!

    3. Mirage
  15. I suppose that would be a googolplexianth.
  16. Thank you for following me, my friend! Hope you're having an awesome day!


  17. Forest: *she nods* Yes, let’s hope so. Anastasia: *she looks a little puzzled* You uh... You do know you have no teeth right? So you’re not hurting me. Shining (evil) *she launches herself up and bites down onto his hoof, and starts trying to punch it as well. What the hell is up with this kid..*
  18. Cuddle! Hehe... I think we'd like to travel together ; spend days at the beach and things like that Same?
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