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  2. Good morning everypony.  How's it going? :dash:

    I hope ya'll had a great weekend! :muffins:  Mine was most relaxing and I had a delightful massage from best spa pones. :proud:

    Have a Queen and her little log friend today. :mlp_icwudt:


    1. Tacodidra


      Good morning, my friend! :D I'm doing alright at the moment, thanks! :kindness: Great to hear your weekend was a relaxing one! :mlp_yeehaa:

      What a cute picture... :pinkie:For some reason, I think @DivineGuard1000 might like this one. ;)

  3. In your opinion, what are the worst episodes of your favorite shows?

  4. I like a few cereals, but I find myself eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch the most. I will also eat Trix and Lucky Charms.
  5. It was one of my least favourite Equestria Girls specials/movies, but I still liked it a lot, which probably goes to show how much I like EG.
  6. I feel like your character and mine would be fast friends, or maybe rivals? 🤔 Well I plan to start with what I got, but the idea is she can create basically whatever is necessary within reason and the rules of fair play. I just don't have it planned out specifically until an idea strikes I guess it technically is wish fulfillment?
  7. I don't really mind listening to my own voice. I don't like my actual voice compared to how I hear myself, but I can deal with listening to it.
  8. Canteen listened to everyone as he began to pick up the trash "Never heard of those shows...and my power isnt something that stays in one moves with me. You come within five feet of me you are in my quirk zone and it is slow to me. Even if you threw your attacks or weapons through it I would still see it that way. Really sucks if I accidentally take it and watching tv or something Oh my goodness that is so weird." he placed his pillow and clothes back into his bag. The others were talking still as someone said about were wolf curse not working that way. The name of the teacher also came up he shrugged "Never heard of them." Ryu's comment on the chicken and human he smiled "Oh they do, it is identical to chicken, same texture tooo." as he saw Ryu move his wrists to show off the scales and claws he moved fast over to him looking the scales and claws over "Oh...hold still." he began to reach out to touch the scales "You do any breath attacks? I'm going to take one of these scales for cataloguing. Will be doing that with the others too...just I always see scales as easier to take." he looked over his shoulder at Maramou, Wolf, and the others "I'm going to need samples from you as well."
  9. Yup that's the idea. I'd like to wait until we have about five OC players including and someone who feels confident playing AI Celestia, then we'll start I will have a degree of GM power over the game, but she will refuse to let us out and the manual shut down command is disabled. The idea is to have it open for everyone to do what they want, and it's quite possible that some will not want to leave But the goal is to go on an adventure to find a way to escape Incidentally, I haven't watched Sword Art Online. How did they escape the game? It might be useful for plot ideas
  10. Omg I love Fable.20190721_163253.thumb.jpg.4f73226ace9db7a6f89f01ddac12cb61.jpg

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    2. Emerald<3



      Her name is Fable.

      I've been making some new OCs

    3. Splashee


      Fable = stories about animals, yes?

    4. Emerald<3


      @Splashee Yeah, but she also reads Fairy Tales.

  11. Well everyone, I'm heading off to another summer camp tomorrow so I'll be out for a couple days. Wish you all a wonderful week till then!:yay:

  12. I'm a mid ranged male with a bit of a speech impediment. I don't really care for it.
  13. @Splashee @Lord Valtasar @ExplosionMare Emerald's ears drooped down and her tail went limp as she stared sadly at her supposed "friend." He was so controlling and uncaring, it actually made her sad. He had hurt her feelings and didn't seem to care. She was the last one to join the others, just standing quietly on the ground as the train came to a stop. Why did I even bother? The cat thought to herself, her wet nose twitching.
  14. I came...I saw...and I loved it! You are right!
  15. @Randimaxis Not just working with Silver, but being closer to Dax too, so that she could show him fun fireworks all the time, in a place that actively wanted her to make things that exploded? Blitz might have pinched herself to make sure this wasn't a dream, were she more focused on the whole thing, because this sounded like basically paradise to her. Having Dax - whom she were going to prove she were the bestest of best friends of - just there, meant that she could just go over and show him any improvement she made to the display she made for him, or crafted something new. Perhaps something where he were standing near a barrel of gunpowder and it just exploded in front of him for example? Uuuh, fun future project! Being around Silver most of the rest of time would make up for not being near enough to see Pinkie often, and yeah, she didn't have anypony here around her own age to play with, but there weren't many of them in Ponyville either. Or to be more exact, there weren't many left that hadn't told to stay far away from her, and the few who hadn't, usually still kept their foals close when the explosive filly were in the area. So it basically wouldn't be much difference from back there. Well, there were that Oglevy foal here though. He might be around her age, and Dax hadn't been against her getting to be his playmate, so perhaps they could bond and be good friends then? Something to strive towards for sure. And really, how bad could he be? "I'll learn how to do smart stuff and fix all the bad pipe thingies! I Pinkie Promise." Blitz would go through the motions of reciting the weird little chant and movements that made the Pinkie Promise, which might as well be a cultist thing around here, since they likely had never even met the logic-defying mare before. However, that were the sort of thinking that didn't even register with Blitz as she were feeding off this energy loop that Silver and herself were being hyped into and magnifying. Honestly, with a little ingenuity and the right wiring, it'd likely be possible to harvest actual power from them in situations like this. As for the pipes, Blitz had seen some of the whole mess once, and she thought at least that she had learned some important things about it, so if she just followed and helped Silver more and more with her work, then surely she'd pick up on how to do all sorts of things without even needing a helping hoof. Long as she were made aware several times that blowing up the pipes somewhere were likely not going to solve any issue it might have, Silver could likely mold the filly from a crazed, semi-unstable explosives expert, into a crazed, semi-unstable explosives And maintenance expert. It felt like sparks were jolting off her skin soon as they reached the door to the manor, and until the door had opened, the filly would have scratched at the door like an impatient cat. Soon as somepony showed up though... "Fancy clothes pony needs huggles!" Blitz would have thrown herself forward and given the dour stallion's nearest leg a big ol' hug, with a happy smile on her little face that made it almost sweet enough to cause a tooth cavity just from looking at her. Before he had even stopped talking though, she had let go and the second he stepped to the side so that they could enter, Blitz would gallop in and head in a random direction, trying to find Dax on her own. Unless Silver used her magic to stop the filly, the manor would soon have a crazed filly with fireworks loose within, who'd very soon manage to get herself well and truly lost, yet giggling away with the sort of mischievous and joyful look on her face that would make lesser ponies feel the hairs on the back of their neck stand on edge. Nothing good tended to happen when it involved anypony with that sorta facial expression.
  16. I think Aladdin 2019 was pretty good. Great acting by Will Smith. 

  17. "Good, we need to head there right away, let's get the others", Splashee almost pushed Emerald aside, completely misjudging her feelings at that very time. "Canterlot is bigger inside than it looks from the outside, and there are a lot of royal guards making sure no suspicions activities are happening". Splashee turned around and looked at Emerald who was refusing to move with him. He looked at her, said "Quack! I mean, let's move! Time is of the essence"
  18. Twily really wanted me to adopt her. ^_^


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    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      @Rising Dusk I didn’t try to get her. Got to save my quarters for Bronycon. :proud:

    3. Sparklefan1234


      @Twilight Luna Your name should just be "Luna".


      Typical-Twilight-my-little-pony-friendsh JK. :P

    4. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @Twilight Luna Meh, good point.  Probably find a better one at Bronycon anyways. ^_^

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