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  2. Hooray! :mlp_yay:

    My "followers" list is back to normal! :-D

  3. I keep forgetting it’s Easter Haven’t celebrated it for years. Today I just worked on some school work like usual.
  4. Yesterday
  5. nope, what about a lovely warm summer holiday at Alert, Nunnavut, Canada
  6. OD on chocolate and eat dinner. Too cold for egg hunting. Nvm, there's an app.
  7. does anyone like compliments :blush:

    1. Mirage


      Compliments are good if they are genuine...right?


    2. Goofyg22


      well yeah 

  8. Don't dare eat me you one percent duck! But seriously, don't eat me
  9. Below is a link that will scar you. 

    Please do not watch if you are sensitive to mature topics or rape.



    1. Easter Dash

      Easter Dash

      This looks terrifying.

    2. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      I’m gonna...pass. That thumbnail says plenty! :unsure:

    3. imawesome


      @Easter Dash @Lucky Bolt 

      Thank you for being sane people. This ruined me. 

  10. Yes I do, and he is amazing! can't wait to meet IRL! You'd find Scottish girls really attractive as well, since they often look quite a bit like Romanian girls... just a little heads up
  11. I think you did a terrific job on the forum banner, BFFFF! Keep up the good work!
  12. For being the 200th episode of the series, I gotta admit, I do like what happened in it. Shining Armor wanted to finally decide if either Twilight or he was Sibling Supreme, and at the same time, wanted to test the castle defenses to make sure they were ready for a future attack. Luna was against it, but Celestia ignored her advice, and in the end, Spike was able to outsmart Shining Armor and Twilight while helping Luna prove to Celestia that they need to consider all threats, both exterior and interior, when setting up defenses, leaving both sisters to walk off, barely containing their anger at each other over what happened, while Shining Armor and Twilight were more lenient with Spike, accepting he was Sibling Supreme after all. For the 200th episode, I give it a 9.5/10, maybe a perfect 10, as my score.
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