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  2. I actually first saw him in musicians of Ponyville. Thought he made sense as a villian in a kids show. Also thought he was a dragon at first glance.
  3. Yes. Older games are better. Do you own contact lenses?
  4. @Lady Moonspell As Dynamo continued to walk around the buffet area, he smiled as he noticed Orange, who had found a table for the group to sit at. After making his way over to her, he presented the cherry cola beverage to her, before taking a seat and placing his plate and beverage on the table. "You're welcome sweetheart and cool! It's not that late out, at the moment. I know that Mr. Pinball said that we could go back and play more video games, but did you need to be home by a certain time? I didn't want us to overstay our welcome at the arcade." He says, smiling back to her as she explained everything that had happened throughout the afternoon. "It's great how everything worked out for everyone. Now you, myself, Starlight and the others can look towards the future and keep moving forward." He says as their friends began making their way towards the table. "I know that I asked Jaded what she wanted to do since she graduated, but I thought I should ask you. What are your plans since we all graduated from the academy?" Sunburst nodded as he returned the hug. "I wouldn't say that I was trying to impress you, but maybe more along the lines that I was still the same old pony that you knew when we were younger. I guess if it was to impress you, then it was because I really did like you, Starlight." He says with a slight blush upon his cheeks.
  5. We don't celebrate Easter because my family is not Christian, though we did go out to a Japanese garden park this afternoon and ate some BBQ for lunch. Also been checking the tires on one of my bikes since I plan to use my bike for the entire day for Earth Day.
  6. Don't worry Trixie, I'm sure you will be in 300th epis... oh wait. No problem at all.
  7. @Lady Moonspell "That's understandable. I like to eat sweets, but only every now and then. It's only because my mom and dad always taught me to eat healthy so I don't get sick." He says, nodding with a smile as he listened to her plan when playing Ponymon. "During the first playthrough, I usually find a Ponymon that I find cool, or unique. Afterwards, I do the same thing on the second playthrough. Finding a balanced team of different types and abilities. Sort of like building a team that has great synergy with each other." He says, noting the female wolf yawn, before yawning himself. "Oh, no. You gave me the bad case of the yawn. Now I might feel tired on the ride home to Ponyville." He chuckled slightly, before nodding once more. "I'm just kidding, but okay and no problem. I'll make sure to watch our stuff and I'll let you know when we get there. Sweet dreams sweetheart." He placed a kiss upon her cheek as she found the bed and settled under the covers. The gaming unicorn turned his attention towards the window as he saw the scenery moving past him. He continued to eat some candy quietly so as to not wake up Scarlet. It would take at least another hour to arrive at Ponyville. So, the wait wouldn't be too bad, in his opinion.
  8. I think Pinkie Pie would really enjoy Happy Meals. I mean, there's a toy with every meal! Who cares about the food!
  9. She should move out of the rock farm and get a place really close to Sweet apple Acres, where her house can block Big Mac's view and she can drive him nuts and stalk him until he realizes she's the only one for him. Then they can make a movie of the week and play it on Lifetime.
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