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  2. Granted now you're wide awake but will never sleep again. I wish I have the tools to make music.
  3. Banned for making other people's waifus look bad
  4. "Daybeaker got nothing on me!!!"
  5. As it said many time before....
  6. My greatest talent is practicing emotional self harm!

  7. My bedroom is in the basement, which it's nice for summer because it's cool but not for winter.
  8. Avoiding episode spoilers like Rarity in Return of Harmony:



  9. OMG it's Reba:mlp_icwudt:.

    Applejack really did great in this episode.

  10. @Mirage You see, the thing about me is, I can explode multiple times without suffering damage. I can explode as many times as I want, for each explosion is merely a metaphorical illusion produced by my magic.
  11. I forgot how awesome the soundtrack was in 007: Tomorrow Never Dies!

    I have the game somewhere around here. Need to find it  :dash:


    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Don’t forget the sequel for the playstation 2: 00Ringo: Tomorrow Never Knows

  12. I miss my ex and the happy days we had together.
  13. It varies, I don't have quite have a specific artist but songs I enjoyed listening to a list of different kind on youtube. It help me feel relax. Right now as example, Dark souls OST is my number one so far. Do you have any specific artists? I would like to know one or two to add into my "band" list.
  14. Westeros has cutthroats, merchants, spies, assassins that are more than capable of compensating for the lack of brute magic with research, subterfuge, and plain ol' murder. Those folks would all abide by the magic of Friendship ... until they wouldn't.
  15. @Lucky Bolt Funny you mention timberwolves, because a fanfic I read one time had explained that their cause of death was due to complications of them becoming werewolves. It's called A Hairy Problem, if you're interested in reading it. (However, it was written before Season 7, so they aren't described or named as Bright Mac and Pear Butter)
  16. I just got the pun for the next episode. 


    7ce.gif :please:

  17. Have some more of my baby, Luck ❤️


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