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  2. So now I just read this ‘today I freaked up’ story where this person decides to prank a restaurant by copy pasting the entire Bee Movie script into an electronic receipt because they noticed it had no character limit. 

    *Two minutes later, the cash register caught fire and firemen had to come put it out*.

    A story about the restaurant was published in the newspaper the next day. 

    1. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      To think that the entire Bee Movie script  actually broke a cash register.

  3. Her name used to be Derpy and then Hasbro fixed her because apparently her design was a an animation mistake. However it's already to late and people raged "Save Derpy" compaign. Dr Whoves is just "hey that pony is a Doctor. Doctor Who? Exactly" I swear he stashed TARDIS somewhere because otherwise this pony is the most boring background pony that ever was Yeah I agree DJ is underutilized or something because she became dull and boring pony who just plays music in background, and that it. No backstory, no nothing, no lesbian love interests. And she had always been a mute. Sorry people who think she just never talks.
  4. Liked the 'music video' vibe. Hated the song.
  5. This was a really shitty song and is probably the worst of the “how do you do fellow kids” trends the last few shorts has been doing. Worst song in the entire franchise and it’s not even close
  6. It was expected that this was going to end up being the case. After all, we're on the final season of Friendship is Magic, and Equestria Girls is essentially tied to its pony counterpart at the hips without a means of existing on its own feet. Am I disappointed? Yes, but then these things happen. It's best not to mope about it and simply accept things for what they are even if it doesn't feel all that good.
  7. Here, have some Luna :3 :orly: 



    1. Tacodidra


      Huzzah! :LunaMCM:

      I think this is one of the cutest Luna scenes in the whole series! ^_^

    2. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      @Tacodidra she doesn't have too many, this episode was all for her, and she nailed it

  8. 100% the video was taken down, but when Infinity War came out, I remarked about how Tony contemplated letting Thanos kill half the universe after Mantis’s “kick names, take ass” line. I think it got like 300


    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      My brother knows how to play that song on guitar. :P

    2. Renegade the Unicorn
  10. It's one of few EqG I legitimately don't like.
  11. I know Equestria Girls has often received the short-end of the stick when it comes to music, but I personally feel like this latest song is an all-time low. They use an air horn in a pandering 'meme' way, and the only character who can really rap is Pinky Pie. This is just my own biased opinion though. I am curious to know what your thoughts on the song are.
  12. G O D L Y opinions in turn get G O D L Y responses such as these.
  13. My original most liked comment was on Misleading Videos About Metal Gear Survive, but that video was unfortunately taken down. Now, my most liked comments are on MangaKamen videos. Yeah, those were on his videos about Foster, MatPat during the situation with Toby Fox, and TotallyNotMark. Please don't ask about the first one, what I referred to was a post on this site... ...that pissed off some people trying to troll and harass me somewhere else, it's not something that I want to get into.
  14. Yesterday
  15. So this song was stuck in my head and I'm bored so I'ma type the lyrics:


    The lion and the wolf, old gods and the new

    Battle of the bastards, try'n ta break through

    A back and forth pendulum we can't seem to stop

    Tickin like a metronome, can't kill the clock.


    Some days it feels like we're just symptoms of the system

    Black hole. No hope. Psycho Syndrome! (Hey!)


    Feels like we're caged animals, lookin' for the antidote

    To break the chains they put us in

    So you can call us sinical, maybe I'm just miserable

    But there's no way I'm giving in

    To their lies, I'm gonna fight, and put it all on the line tonight

    So light the gas with some matches.

    Let's burn the old empire into ashes


    And burn it all into ashes


    Young man dreams while he sleeps in his bed

    Death keeps an eye while he's waiting for the dead

    If my life is the needle then my soul is the thread

    My mouth is the poison, my tongue is the lead


    Somdays it feels like I'm just stuck in my own skin

    Trying to break free, but I can't escape me (Hey!)


    ||Repeats Chorus, repeats transition while fading in intensity, then ends||


    Empire to Ashes, by Sleeping with Sirens


  16. @Dynamo Pad "Hmm...I'm not sure, to be honest." He took another sip of his drink, before continuing. "I know that My Hero Academia could be an option, but I heard about this other anime. The title of the anime is called Black Clover and it's about witches and wizards. Although, the main protagonist was born without magic, but he still wants to be the Wizard King. He does have the ability to use magic swords, or something like that. I heard about it from Button Prompt, but I'm good with either option. What do you think, sweetheart? Would one of those work, or did you have an anime in mind to watch together?" "I think I would like to watch Black Clover, that sounds interesting to me." She continued to sip on her coffee and she glanced out the window, she could see the sun just coming up over the hotel, it made everything sparkle. She loved being in Canterlot, especially this part of town, just outside of the bustling city, that it wasn't filled with all of the ponies that need to go back and forth. This is nothing like Manehatten that is for sure. She missed it there sometimes, but she was glad that she could be back in a place that she knew and was familiar in more of a homey way. "I know you told me a bit about where you were from, but what was it like there? Like, what did it feel like, how does it make you feel when you go home to visit? I know it's bit of a random question, but just watching nature, it makes you think about things you know?"
  17. It takes a great will to hold back from crying, after watching this.


    1. PoisonClaw


      If you don't feel like crying after watching this, then you have no soul.

  18. @Rikifive Found you! Time for cuddles and tea!


    1. Rikifive


      Why, yes! It's a perfect time for that! XDlaR1K.png

    2. DivineGuard1000


      @Rikifive It's always a perfect time for snuggles, silly pony! *hugs*

    3. Rikifive


      True! :grin: *hugs*

  19. I'm frazzled beyond comprehension. :lostit:

    1. Tacodidra


      I hope you feel better soon, my friend! :kindness:

  20. Be careful what you wish for, because it just might come true... You'll never have to worry about the background characters again since the show is ending soon, didn't you get the news?
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