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  2. Hi Hook Foot! Have you ever met Captain Hook?
  3. Good day everypony! How are we all doing?:fluttershy:

     Hope you all had a great day on this beautiful spring week!:P

  4. I couldn’t find one with all of the characters up to season 7, just the main cast and the characters featured in season 7. They used to have season posters at conventions but I don’t know if they do them anymore.
  5. No. But I don’t like dog people. Not all just the annoying kind.
  6. Back when I had cereal, I did and preferred it over eating it with milk
  7. @Dream Walker @megisawsm417 "Yes, according to her premonition there is something thats gonna happen that will effect the clans but she doesn't know exactly what it is, " he explained leaving out the mention of the kittypet @Dream Walker Jinx got the feelin of being watched. "Hello whose there?"
  8. @Rikifive Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  9. Like a sailor. I come from a family of sailors. But I never swear around people who dislike it and I want to swear less than what I already do.
  10. @Dynamo Pad Orange smiles at him "You're right, if Gilda did turn up, Rainbow would be here already" she says with a smile and looks around, then listens to Sunburst and nods "I had heard about how you lost your dad, Dynamo, I'm sorry I didn't do anything at the time" she says but then smiles at the suggestion that Dynamo had "Yeah a draw and getting something to eat sound great" she says as her stomach grumbles just on time "I think my stomach agrees with you as well" Starlight nods "He was going through it really rough" she says, she then looks around to everyone who was gathering at the entrance, ready to go get some food "Come on Sunburst, we're gonna grab something to eat, wanna come?"
  11. Link to Peterson vs. Zizek debate for all interested.


  12. $851,926 James Holzhauer is unstoppable. Methinks we may have the next Ken Jennings on our hands. :blink: (I'm rooting for him all the way)

    1. Mirage


      I wish I wuz teh smart. :mlp_nom:

    2. Totally Lyra
  13. I don't think he's a very good story editor, in fact I don't even know if he actually does any story editing. For starters, he let Newbie Dash happen so that puts him dead last in regards to story editors. I've made it clear multiple times I dislike S6 but I've also came to the defense of S8, and even then I still think the season had a lot of bad spots. I don't know how much say a story editor has, but the change from S5 to S6 when Haber was in charge, to S7 when the Lady Writers were in charge, the change was reaaaaally noticeable. S6 was the only time I was legitimately upset with the show and the writers multiple times, it was the only season I considered dropping the show, and while every other season feels like a collaborative effort, regardless of a writer's track record, S6 was the only one that felt like how good an episode was relied entirely on who wrote it. It was incredibly unfocused with Starlight being made an incredibly important character yet barely having any presence in the main meat of the season, while a lot of episodes felt like they relied way too much on gimmicks and rarely gave any thought to the characters themselves. 28 Pranks Later is probably the worst offender as it completely relies on the outright bastardization of the entire cast solely because the writers cared more about their stupid zombie theme. The worst part is that it has the most creative freedom of all seasons in the show and nothing to hold it back, yet it has some of the series lowest lows despite this. Compare this to the other two unpopular seasons of the show, 3 and 8, but those two, especially s3, had a lot of things holding them back either by Hasbro themselves or by constraints, such as the school for S8, which the writers admitted was difficult to implement, S3 was told to do a lot with very little time, half the length of a normal season, and several episodes had to undergo several rewrites, including the finale which had the burden to establish essentially an entire character arc within the span of 22 minutes complete with a huge status quo change AND had to completely change again once they found out the series was renewed again, something MA Larson himself said was incredibly difficult. By comparison, S6 has absolutely no excuse for its misstepts I've admitted I like season 8, it has a set theme for the season and followed through with it's arc, but I feel it's biggest problem was entirely on execution, as a lot of episodes that focused on the season's school theme was incredibly inconsistent. Honestly though, I do think S8 was mainly better than S6 because with two people as story editor, there was less bullshit to go through
  14. @Jedishy Tranquil smiles and nods "Indeed, don't worry about washing your mug, I've got some stuff to do before I go to sleep, so I'll wash them" she says and looks at him "I hope you sleep well" she says, smiling and kisses him on the cheek.
  15. The big chicken jump into
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