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  2. I’ve just realized that some people who join the forums never come back after a day of being here . And there not even banned it’s quite disappointing to me. 

  3. 10/10 it actually resolved with a battle instead of magical rainbow friendship lasers (not that I don't like magical rainbow friendship lasers but it just makes the plot more exciting) Cars (1)
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    Yeah, Zack Snyder only made this worse.

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    I want to boop her snoot :D


    1. Mane 6

      Mane 6

      Autumn blaze one of the best characters ever.

    2. Will Guide
    1. Mane 6

      Mane 6

      Sleepy time suds a classic. 

    2. ChB


      @Sparklefan1234 Imma What? :o 

  6. 7/10 My little pony the movie 2017 version
  7. Rokata kept the enormous grin on his face as Jade rushed toward him. So she can survive a blow like that? Some promise. ___________________________________ Tricis placed both her hooves on the unconscious Jade's back, a blue aura washed over her body as Tricis used what remained of her powers to try and stabilize her apprentice's condition. His connection to her is too strong. He's in there with her! She closed her eyes and focussed all her strength on keeping Jade alive. Fool. Why does he have to include us in his suffering? ____________________________________ Jade's leg swung at Rokata's head and he swiftly blocked it with his claw. Jade could hear a soft cracking sound as the bone's in Rokata's claw strained. The monstrous pegasus then gripped her hoof and pulled her closer, lifting her by the leg she tried to strike him with. "Don't you see it's pointless?" He asked. "These fettered efforts will get you nowhere if you don't even know how to realize your own strength!" Rokata kicked upward with his front hoof, striking right at the leg he was holding with his claw. He hit her leg near the joint, effortlessly shattering the bone of her foreleg with a loud pop.
  8. This is the best explanation I've seen. How do I say this... In all of the flashbacks that come before Apple Bloom's birth, her parents seem just as dead as they do during the present. But they can't be dead in those flashbacks, since Apple Bloom has not been born yet. So until they were finally acknowledged in "Crusaders of the Lost Mark," there was no evidence that they were any more dead than they were in those flashbacks. Now we know that they're dead now, and weren't dead then. But their absence seems the same in both the present and the past. As Apple Bloom seems not to have known them very well, it makes sense that they died shortly after her birth. Their absence in "Where the Apple Lies" is strange though.
  9. I spoilered it. But, now you got to edit your post, 'cause it quotes my unedited post.
  10. And now only one thing has days left that I’ve been eagerly waiting for and the other has hours. 

  11. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!
  12. The times before my life started to be crap Favourite post in the forums?
  13. I know this. But not everyone wants to hear the audio or even see the matchup just yet. Because it spoils the surprise of what’s going to happen after waiting for MONTHS to see it. Anyways today’s the day (or at least where I live it is) and I’ll be sure to try to post the video when it comes up. Unless it’s done already.
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