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  2. It's REALLY hard to say. I actually like the way some of the species are designed more than the ponies themselves (that's right come at me!). As pointed out though each species has likable characters. Dragons have Ember, Changelings have Thorax and Ocellus, even the Yaks have Yona. If I had to choose, I'd say the griffons edge it out for me. It's nothing actually about their appearance or abilities, but I just enjoy their background and rugged nature. Also I can't get enough of this:
  3. frozen pizzas are for real my favorite food ever

  4. 1am and I need to be up early. I should, uhh, probably get to bed. :lie:

    Goodnight everypony! :yay:

  5. @Rikifive I can't find the option on the Edit Profile to add Friends. EDIT: NVM. Found it
  6. Please tell me there’s fanfics of Crakle! :crackle: Crackle best dwagun!! :crackle:

  7. nope anything at least 10 years old
  8. Here's my notebook sketches I've been working on!


     Still have yet to figure out how to attach arms on...

  9. @Will Guide This is a profile field, that has been recently added, based on the feedback users have provided. You can list members you consider as friends there. It works as a simple list of members you like, it doesn't have any specific effect on accounts, at least at the moment. This can be configured in the profile, upon clicking "Edit Profile". If you'd like to discuss that feature or have questions about it, please head to the feedback topic linked above, as it is still open for further discussions. With that being said, I'll lock this thread, as the correct answer has been given. Thank you!
  10. alright, i got a Lapdreavus dunno if it's too late, but i played with the program a bit and got smt i like more, so can i change my entry to Victreelish?
  11. Philosophy is far easier to understand than most people make it out to be. Its objective is to determine which of our intuitions can be relied on, and its motivation is an unceasing vindictive spite for the observation that seemingly all that we call knowledge is founded on intuition. The more sage the philosopher, the more intensely they're passive-aggressively telling the nature of human awareness 'I'm not mad, just disappointed.' :mustache:

    1. Frostgage


      Question everything, especially your questions

    2. Widdershins


      Perhaps it comes down to accepting self-trust.


  12. Anyone have a link to the episodes that were released in China?

    1. R.D.Dash


      Look at the Season 9 spoiler section, that would help.

  13. it's ok of course, feel free to add to it or wait for the next one
  14. Today
  15. Davey Jones from Pirates of the Carrabien (Just cuz ur profile pic lolz)
  16. Here's what I would like to see you draw. Is it acceptable? @MidnightFire1222
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