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  2. That I should probably go to bed since it's nearly 5 AM
  3. Oh and look, it's another one of my friends. Hi! I'm seeing all my friends here wow
  4. Well, I sit here on my sick bed, making a comeback to the forums.

    The only thing keeping me going in this time of sickness is one couple.



    Anyone know who these 2 are?

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    2. Cyclone1066
    3. TheRockARooster



      Well, this has made me smile.


      You feeling sick?

    4. Prometheus


      Get well soon lad

  5. for the first part, stop mourning for yourselves. I'm just a casual and you don't have to drag me into this emotional storm. I'm even suffering from a very long artist's block because of me pondering the first part. don't mourn for yourself. It's not good and it's not healthy. I wasn't in for the emotions and shit, I was in it or the worldbuilding and lore (I like IPs with big worlds and a lot of lore) simply accepted the characters for who they were: Characters, not in a cartoon but in a story and i just roll with it with no emotional attachment.. it just doesn't seem very healthy from what i just read for the first part. I've went through that before and it's not healthy. i nearly lost my sanity when i was an SU fan and experienced the same thing. You need your rational mind and a lot of you should have keep the rational side of your brain intact when you first watched it. i didnt feel that when i watched ac ouple of early episodes in the past. As a casual, i prefer just letting my imagination run wild in alternate universes and timelines given dont give a crap about "canon", tohugh i too fear what you say. That' why i prefer being standalone.
  6. I took some advanced math classes, and now I work real world jobs. I can say that you will never ever use math beyond +-×÷.
  7. I think I’m gonna say that I’m known for being a loser and a pushover.
  8. Someone stopped following me; who was it I wonder

  9. I feel like I should change and stop being a loser and a pushover.
  10. Both of songs were cool, pretty catchy. Not sure if the latter was such synthwaveish but it reminded me about FEZ-soundtrack.
  11. I love my hooves, because I can do so much creative work with them and I can boop your snoots too *boop*
  12. Well, alternatively I think I'm just in a video game. "This video game sucks. Its pay-to-win model is so unfair to those who don't spawn in the player-created empire locations. And it's so grindy. Like what the hell."
  13. For being "so sweet." That's a common word people use to describe me, quite a few have even used it in my yearbook. "Olivia, why are you so sweet?" Just born that way I guess. I am also known for being very confident about myself, but has been mistaken as arrogance a couple of times. So... Yeah
  14. Well, they are. And so are you. Thank causality and the illusion of free will for letting you forget it. And I guess that's my mood right now... moody. I'm starting to see a pattern here, at least with night shifts.
  15. Uh. You accidentally clicked "follow member" on my profile. Just so you know. :v

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    2. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      I mean. I'd love to. I just don't get that a lot. :v

      ...Wait. You're a fellow Texan?

      What part?

    3. Emerald<3


      @Meson Bolt


      And I like making friends with everypony!

    4. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Oh, sick! Uh...

      You mind if we take this to PM's? :3

  16. I like my heart. Just because it's so big and it welcomes all of you into it. #CheesyAlert -- Srsly tho, its either my heart and brain.
  17. I'm sure it's useful for some jobs. Like, if you're building something, you want to make sure you've got the right amount of materials. If you're doing something chemistry-related, you want to have the right ratio of chemicals to get the reaction or solution you want. If you're a mathematician, or scientist, or accountant, or builder, or... anything like that, I'm sure it's important. But for me? Not so much. Algebra doesn't come into use at literally any point during my job. The closest I've come to is calculating the fuel burn rate of an engine at a certain RPM, but I don't even do it that often, and I use a calculator anyway, so. :v
  18. In a way, I can see both sides. Something will end, permanently, after the final season is over, even if I'm not sure what to call it. The feelings and sensations of what it was like before the story ended {or at least the canon one, as much or as little that's worth}, the sense of expectation and wishful thinking of loose ends and lingering questions being answered by storytellers we accept as our own, the sights and sounds of these moments shaped by what is here, now, will never exist again except in our flawed and slowly failing memories and it is that, I think, we are mourning more than anything else - not the show, but ourselves in this moment. But Friendship is Magic will not end. It cannot end, not moreso than any other stor anyone can name. It is not an event - it never has been. If I walked into a crowded room to hear someone on a stage say the words "...and they lived happily ever after. The End.", then close the book, the story will remain there for me, to read and enjoy and imagine to my content. It is a record, of imagined events, certainly, but a record no less for it, and it will remain for a long time, for myself, for those I choose to share it with and for anyone else who comes across it for years upon years to come.
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