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  2. I spoilered it. But, now you got to edit your post, 'cause it quotes my unedited post.
  3. And now only one thing has days left that I’ve been eagerly waiting for and the other has hours. 

  4. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!
  5. The times before my life started to be crap Favourite post in the forums?
  6. I know this. But not everyone wants to hear the audio or even see the matchup just yet. Because it spoils the surprise of what’s going to happen after waiting for MONTHS to see it. Anyways today’s the day (or at least where I live it is) and I’ll be sure to try to post the video when it comes up. Unless it’s done already.
  7. *groans* I'm soooo bored! Tell me about it. It's raining outside and none of our friends are here. I really wish we stayed an extra day in Las Pegasus. Me too, but it would've been too expensive. Oh look, a question for you, Gallus. Woohoo! Yeah, woohoo... About a month ago, Headmare Twilight and I browsed through several books on griffons trying to figure out why I'm blue. I remember reading that griffons typically live up to be 100 years old, sometimes over 150. However, pretty much all those books are outdated as they only go up to the coronation of King Guto. What happened after that? The Idol of Boreas was lost and Griffonstone fell into ruin. That's the short answer. As for the long answer... I'll save for it for another time as it's another heart wrencher. Darn, I had my tissue box ready to go. While we're still on the subject of griffon ages, how old is Grandpa Gruff? Last time I checked, he's 118 years old and the only griffon old enough to have seen Griffonstone's downfall. *sighs* You know, Silver, I really could use some snuggling. *squeals with joy* Don't have to ask me twice! *sighs* I love you, Silver. I love you too, Gallus.
  8. I have to agree! Thorax suits you very well. :3
  9. 10/10 (Childhood favorite!) Paddington
  10. Morning

    1. Mane 6

      Mane 6

      Good morning bro sleep well how are you?

    2. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      sleept not so good, but im ok

  11. I would name myself Sparrow. Not only does it sound nice but it kinda fits. After the game Fable II. :3
  12. so this is it, the beginning of the end. not gonna lie i'll probably shed some tears when G4 ends. I have been with it since the beginning "technically before it since pony tales" and it has been a fun and wild ride and I am going to miss it when its gone. they sure did pack a lot in these 2 episodes, it's a good start to the end and I loved it, especially since I am old enough to remember when the ponies fought Grogar the first time back in G1.
  13. Looks like Twilights about to become an insane serial killer. 



  14. I never posted any pictures of myself online. I haven't taken testosterone yet, since I'm Transgender and don't feel confident enough to take a photo. I look too feminine and want to avoid being called a girl.
  15. Dude. Put that under a damned spoiler. Idc if the videos coming out real soon don’t spoil shit for people.
  16. I like anything made by Nintendo; trust worthy! What's your favorite memory?
  17. Love you, Shoto ❤️

    You love photos of me like this, don’t you?



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