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  2. Good morning everypony

  3. The highest ever recorded wind speed for a tornado was near El Reno, Oklahoma, 2013 at 336 mph.
  4. Hello everypony!


    How is everyone doing today?

  5. I've seen funnel clouds in person but never an actual tornado.
  6. I need to learn not to watch movie trailers and have 75% of the movie spoiled for me. :maud:

  7. @Blitz Boom Their father kept his hoof extended long enough for Null to come in, then mirrored the calming gesture he was still performing on Null. He would keep doing that until they tried to pull away, at which point he would suggest they all get some rest, and go to retrieve some blankets from the back room so they could sleep comfortably on the couches. If however they fell asleep where they were, he had no objections to that, the stove wasn't on anyway, food could wait till tomorrow. It would be dark out when they would wake up, their father having extricated himself from the pile and put blankets on them if they had slept on top of him. The candles were still burning from when they had arrived, though a bit dimmer now, and he was doing his hardest not to burn toast, though the smell in the room would indicate that he had failed at least once in that regard.
  8. Alright everypony, let's not make a scene. We're guests here remember. Let's ask our questions and be on our way. Ooh! Can I be first? What's your favorite color Lucky? Wait, that's too simple. What's it like driving a real truck, a real human truck? Hello Ms. Bolt. Umm... what's your favorite thing to do for fun? What's your favorite game? Do you ever get so overwhelmed you just cease to function? Wait, that's an odd question... I'll stick with it though. Oh wait, one more! Is finger food amazing or what?
  9. Free Bird (Extended) - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  10. I dont want you to delete it. Just change it. Copper wouldnt find them so easily. He needs to get Mason to tell them where they are.
  11. I would have loved to watch an anime adaptation of the Gunsmith Cats' manga. It's an amazing work and has an incredible set of characters. The OVAs are not bad at all, but the manga is on another level.
  12. Has Hasbro been posting new Equestria Girls Youtube shorts? 

    I can't find them anywhere. :blush:

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