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  2. Granted but now your mandarin orange taste a little to sweet and has a bit of sour as well. I wish I could visit equestria.
  3. Pinkie, has anypony ever told you how cute and cuddly you are?
  4. Granted, but "the world" happens to be mars I wish for a mandarin orange that tastes nice
  5. Do you mind if I give you hugs for being so cute, Dashie?
  6. Those are all AMAZING ideas! Thank You SO MUCH! I'll be sure to give you credit when I ask Spike, Autumn Blaze & Sapphire Shores if they'd be willing to tour with me. Yeah! They both wanted me to ask if you wanted to visit during the Changeling Spring Festival. "A Changeling Can Change" is *definitely* my favorite song.
  7. Yes I do and I look absolutely adorable in it.
  8. Do you dress up as an Easter bunny as a hobby?
  9. I usually have a bit of a beard, seeing as I only shave once a month. All things considered, it makes me look lot older than I actually am.
  10. I hope they sing this at some point during the Friendship is Magic series finale:



  11. Rara, Think that since Spike got his wings, maybe he can help perform some scenes in your performances? Just a thought. Have you consider performing with Autumn Blaze or Sapphire Shores? Just a thought. Spike, Heard from Thorax or Pharynx lately? What about you Spike?
  12. Best 1. Dora the Explorer the best nick show ever in my opinion has great lessons great songs and great education and great everything shame it got cancelled. Dora is very underrated in my opinion. 2. SpongeBob square pants old episodes only 3. The Loud house 4. The Fairly odd parents 5. Icarly 6. Rugrats 7. Drake and Josh 8. True Jackson 9. Victorious 10. Danny phantom 11. Robot and monster 12. Teenage mutant ninja turtles 13. Blues clues 14. Go Diego go 15. Hey Arnold 16. Ni Hao Kia lan 17. The thundermans 18. All that 19. Avatar 20. Bubble guppies 21. Jimmy Neutron 22. Kung fu panda legends of awesomeness 23. The legend of Korean 24. Team Umizoomi 25. The wonder pets Worst 1. Fan boy and chum chum 2. Sanjay and Craig 3. Breadwinners 4. Fred the show 5. Planet sheen
  13. :mlp_please: Replace Luke with Rey and action.

  14. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet giggles and nuzzles into his embrace "Mmm, yes dear, a win/win" she giggles and snuggles more, until they arrived at the house. She slowly opened her eyes "We're here already?" she asks and smiles, as she hops out of his arms "It looks really nice and cozy"
  15. I usually either grin and laugh at them or I respond with a smartass quip.
  16. It’s not annoying it’s amazing but I respect your opinion of course.
  17. CMC's Theme Retro wave Remix.
  18. Before Mlp came out Dora the Explorer was my favorite show. Now it’s my second favorite show I just love everything about it the songs the lessons. The education everything. And I can’t wait for the movie to come out it’s gonna be awesome. Hopefully with this movie coming out Dora will return to main nick soon for reruns. So other Kids can enjoy watching it like I did as a kid.
  19. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles "And I, Broken Record, shall remain as the undefeated champion of the belching wars!" she cheers and smiles, picking Dusk up and hugging him close "And don't worry, I won't dutch oven you" she smiles as she then finishes her last slice of pizza "So you lot going back to the Arcade?" she asks, "Mom's gotta get ready for her shift with the Night Guards, so uhm Dynamo, do you think you could clone yourself again, please?" she asks. Night nods and hugs and nuzzles Button "I start work in a couple hours, Button, I have made some soup for you to reheat when you get home for dinner"
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