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  2. @Emerald<3 Have you planned for any Fluttershy interaction in the future? As you know, Fluttershy can talk to animals and understand them in the show. The plot could be resolved way too easy that way (if you didn't plan or think about it). If you haven't planned to involve her, we might need to do something about it?
  3. Nikita smiles and giggles as she skipped off to her classes, but before she did, she'd look at him and blow him a kiss and then go to classes. At lunch time, she would return to the infirmary and go to see him.
  4. He smiled and laid down back on the bed "Sure I think I will be able to walk without planting my face on the floor soon, thanks for the food my dear" he closed his eyes and soon felt his grasp of his mind to loose, soon Sheoreth was taking control of the body
  5. DISCLAIMER & RULES: This is meant to be a Utilitarian-esque Philosophical Debate where ethics and logic will be paramount. There are rules to follow when you make your post, Rule #1: Don't come off on an emotional tangent. Let your emotions subside. They will cloud your judgement to make a meaningful discussion throughout this topic. Therefore, This is not meant to be a post for emotionally sensitive people. So, if you're emotionally sensitive, DON'T POST. Rule #2: Be tolerant towards people with differing perspectives. Even if you don't agree with 100% everything with their stances, don't go off on a rhetorical argument crushing down their opinions, ideals, and beliefs about the subject matter in question. If you can't do that, DON'T POST. Rule #3: This is meant to be a post for people who are willingly open to entertain themselves with this line of reasoning. If you won't come across as such, DON'T POST. Rule #4: Both Suffering and Giving Death to a living creature are evil and two of the worst decisions Humans can ever make and shall be treated as such throughout this discussion. However, if you had no choices except these two and an incomprehensible force you cannot fight against were to point a gun at you from behind to choose the two towards a living creature, which one would you choose? That is the point of the discussion to make it meaningful for us to understand Life and where people are coming from their understanding of Life. Failure to uphold this line of reasoning? DON'T POST. Rule #5: This whole topic shall treat Suffering and Giving Death to a living creature as if both can be Justified or Unjustified. Therefore, this topic will entertain the idea that there exists both Just Suffering/Death and Unjust Suffering/Death. If you can't be bothered to entertain the thought of that idea with these two evils, DON'T POST. Now then let's begin. Let's discuss something poignant and meaningful throughout this particular matter where you have to choose between the two evils. To me there are two types of issues when making such evil choices and it will boil down to what your beliefs and ideals are. I come across as a religiously devout person who believe that Giving Death to a living creature is ultimately much worse than giving them Suffering. Because Suffering is Temporary, while Giving Death is Permanent. Justice shall be the ultimatum when dealing with these two evils. There's Just Suffering and Unjust Suffering. Similarly, there's Justified Giving Death and Unjustified Giving Death. Pain would also be a factor to consider as well just as much as Justice. So to me, Suffering is all about Giving 100% pure Pain to a living creature in every way you can imagine (physical, psychological, mental, spiritual). However, there's a chance for the living creature to struggle through their Suffering which in turn will make that living creature stronger than before on top of having a chance to Live their Life. While Giving Death to a living creature can border on either painless or painful depending on whether that living creature suffered till death. So, if the living creature suffered to the extreme till Death from the hands of an evil individual, then their Death is merciless. However, if the living creature didn't suffered but still Given Death in the process, that's still merciless to me. Why? Because I don't believe in a quick and painless Death giving to a living creature. To me there's no such thing as a quick and painless way to Give Death to a Living Creature since there will always exists counterarguments against those ways whom some people are willing to discuss that those ways are not as quick and painless most people would want to believe. Euthanasia? Guillotine? Execution through Firing Squad? Gunshot to the side of the Head? Clubbing? Skeptics and some educated individuals who are experts in a particular field of Science & Psychology would be willing to point out such ways of Giving Death to a Living Creature are not as quick and painless many people would want to believe. To me Giving Death should NOT be an option for Human Beings. Because Life while Temporary just as much as Suffering is ultimately more meaningful. Therefore, Suffering (be it justified or unjustified) is more meaningful because there's a chance for the living creature to struggle to overcome their Suffering in order to come out alive and stronger than before. While Giving Death, that is permanent and the Fear of Unknown would permeate within our consciousness whether the living creature is still suffering after Death from which that Suffering becomes Permanent for that living creature after Death and the thought would live with the evil individual forever that they Gave Death to a living creature. Basically, it all depends on context in the long run. But, generally speaking I vehemently oppose the Death Penalty (therefore, I oppose the death penalty established in many Islamic countries, including Iran and Iraq, and would want them wiped off the face of earth) and would be fine with Torturing as long as the tortured ones struggle to overcome the Suffering throughout that Torture in order to become stronger than before. Life Imprisonment and Solitary Confinement would be better than Giving a living creature outright Death. If Giving Death would be my only option, then so be it. However, if I were given two evil options, to me Making that Living Creature Suffer would be the lesser of evil compared to Outright Death.
  6. Hard to believe it's been a year since I joined the forums. I first started watching the show about a year before that, but was too shy, for a while, to make an account. Glad I did! @Kyoshi, @emma_22, @Califorum, and @Tacodidra were among the first ponies to greet and befriend me. Since then, I've made many more friendships on here.  :D

    My interest in the show really began to fade a few months ago and recently felt "way past my prime" on here. Initially, I had planned to just fade away from the forums after July 17, but after seeing just how awesome and friendly this community is, I couldn't leave. Seriously, y'all are awesome! :secret:

    Long story short: Y'all are stuck with me and I will continue to post my astronomy photos on here. Muhahaha! :P 

  7. She would wag her tail happily "I wouldn't be uncomfortable, and for the girls, I'm sure they'll be happy as long as I am happy" she says with a big smile and looks at the time "Ah, class is starting soon, Catch you at lunch?" she'd ask
  8. He hugged her and pet her head "that's great babe" and then he went to kiss her neck and the back of her head "I would love to come along with you, as long as you and the girls are not that uncomfortable with me around you trying clothes" then sheoreth said in the mind of sherem "with your ugly ass face, anybody would be really uncomfortable"
  9. Yes I have. I turned down a girl, because I'm not into girls and I never really was in that sense. She took it just fine, she understood. Same (good question)?
  10. Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t been on much....been super busy with school and life....:(

  11. @Lord Valtasar @ExplosionMare @Splashee "That's the spirit!" Emerald shouted in return, while running as fast as she could, though not too fast that the others wouldn't be able to keep up. "I can see it up ahead!" She announced, pointing towards the station, "We're nearly there, guys!"
  12. She smiles "Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna has accepted me as a full time student here" she says "and after school, the girls are going to take me shopping for more clothes and stuff, you can come if you want to"
  13. I have a weird taste in music, most other people don't share my taste but that's whatever.
  14. Sherem are and drink as he looked at her and asked "oh yeah? What is it Nikita?* As he kept eating a and drinking on what Nikita brought to him and Sheoreth said inside his mind "getting your hopes up and you will be destroyed by life itself wussy"
  15. Honestly, at the time I was just so naive and inexperienced. I do look back at myself and the relationship as a whole and cringe, but at the same time I learned the basics of what to do and what not to do in a relationship, so I suppose it was beneficial in the long run. Have you ever turned down someone who was interested in you, if so, how did they take it?
  16. Here is Ghost Gulping from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to my patrons, Juke Denton and Austin Spendlove, for supporting me on Patreon. Join them here:
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  18. She blinks "O-okay love" she would say and just leave it at that, still hugging him before she pulls away and sighs "Well eat up please dear, the school nurse has said that you were severely dehydrated and emaciated" she says "Though, I do have some good news"
  19. Okay, @Splashee @FluttershyWonders

    Here's the final product AND my new signature.


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      Wow, what an amazing achievement! I was actually trying to do something similar, but I actually failed getting it to look good at that signature size.

      Well done @Emerald<3 :D

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      Thanks a bunch @Splashee! I appreciate it:3

  20. Hey everyone! I just wanted to share my SFM artwork here that i've made so far. I'm only gonna share a few, but I will update this with more as I make some. The first one is called Hugging Jewel. It's basically my engineer hugging Jewel, as they're brother and sister. Next up is Amalgam Crisis, the first of many artworks for it, though.This is us 3 meeting Inkfeather, a fusion of both me and Jewel. And the last one i'll be sharing for now (At least until I edit this and add more) is called Infiltration. Me, Jewel, and Skystar are infiltrating a prison to break out an important contact.
  21. Very serious actually. I didn't play the original game for very long unfortunately, and quit when my friend quit. It was very early on and Amy was the last release when we quit playing. Though I kept up on it, I haven't touched private servers, but I'm very active in the mobile game. I'm not like one of the most powerful players, but I'm as good as I possibly can be on the Global NA server without spending money and playing daily. She is one of my most used characters, I try to include her in whatever I do, and I'm looking forward to her limit break ♥️ I guess we could do option 1 as an insane coincidence, if you don't think the idea is way too dumb. That's what I'd intended to do. I'd be like did you know you kinda exist in this game? *shows her Magitek device showing Grand Chase on mobile* 2 was just too silly sounding, to me even
  22. Good morning everypony

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      Good morning, my friend! :)

  23. I like goofy instruments. I have a kazoo, otamatone, jaw harp, slide whistle, and a mr. knocky, and I play them all them, particularly the kazoo. I've gotten quite good at kazooing. I go ham tbh
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