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  2. Nikita shakes her head "I'm not sure, but I think I do need to talk to him after the concert" she says then stands up and after a sip of her energy drink, she perks up a little and cheers loudly for the band.
  3. @Lord Valtasar @ExplosionMare @Splashee Nodding, Emerald went over to the mare and tapped her, then quickly jumped up on the side of the cart while the mare was distracted. The mare's eyes were about to land on Emerald when the cat snuck by yet again, tapping her shoulder quickly as she started dressing the sandwhich. She had to sneak past once again, quickly placing extra daisies inside it before scurrying off. "Here." Emerald presented, handing Solumn the sandwich, "Hope I made it right. Oh, man I feel bad for steeling." She sighed, "Does anypony have some change I could give her?"
  4. Rainbow "has his other side Poping out again? How did we not felt it?" Meanwhile Sherem was getting ready and Flash asked him "you ready we are about to start" Sherem nodded and changed to a new look with a back jacket and sit on the chair in front of the piano
  5. "Well that's good to hear." Jenna smiled "But remember that you can tell me if it ends up bothering you." she took another bite "You don't need to act though with things like that." she felt like that had to be said even though she doubted the possible nickname would be too bad, and people would be most likely more confused than anything that someone like him would be the one dating her.
  6. Florida here I come

  7. I'd be happy that life is over and I don't have to feel anything anymore.
  8. Poached eggs on toast, and toast and marmalade, with tea.
  9. this sounded like something that could pottentially get them kicked off the train, she was about to say so, but.. "a hayburger with with extra daisies" came out of her mouth instead,her stomach had other plans and took the reins it seems
  10. Niktia sighs "Hey Dash" she says, looking up to see Sherem and does her best to smile "I've been having these terrible nightmares. I'm falling to the sea, seeing Sherem drowning, but as I hit the water, it is I that starts to drown and his other side is just staring at me, while a voice in my head is trying to discourage me from trying to save Sherem"
  11. "I'll give you directions when we get there." Jenna said "I know only the general location and I need to see the city before I can actually say any accurate directions because I have never been there before."
  12. Rainbow saw her and asked "hey Nikita you look terrible? What's happening?" She sit by her side. Meanwhile Sherem was behind the stage with the band as he peeks on the crowd if the local and he sees Nikita "I can't believe she came" he has really happy though he hid it from the rest
  13. Nikita sighed as she sat on their bench and had her head in her hands, sobbing. She hadn't told the girls about her dreams yet and she felt utterly exhausted "N-now I know how S-Sherem feels most of the time"
  14. @Blitz Boom 'Of course it's magical' Ruby thought to herself when she could feel the powder effecting her spell, and though it didn't break the spell, she did the spell again just in case "Everything is fine, I just got bit of the powder on my coat and it itches." she replied, not seeing a reason to lie about it, "I'll go clean myself in a river or something if it continues for long." it felt very uncomfortable, so though she could handle it, she would want to get rid of it if it didn't stop by itself. She proceeded to open the last box. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nada thought for a second "There is the main entrance on the side, though considering that you don't seem to know about it, it's safe to assume it has either collapsed or has gotten blocked in other way." she looked up, "So that leaves only one possible way in, the top, I can pick you two up and bring you in that way assuming the plant hasn't blocked it." "Other than that there isn't any way in as far as I know, but I can always sing to try get the plant to make an opening if we can't get in." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Widdershins "I appreciate the offer, but I would feel weird for taking a piece out of someone's tail." Cerberus stated between 'bites' , he was lot less concerned about being in the air than his smaller friend, not that the cat was too concerned either, since it was focused on the giant fish tail. Cerberus pressed himself against the vine tail that petted him like a cat would and a short, purr-like sound was heard for a second. "Though I'm sure all the others would love getting piece of the giant fish tail." the other cats had gotten a bit closer and were watching at the tail.
  15. soon she would wake up and find herself on her bed at 7:00 am, Sherem would be already changed and ready for school, the week went by like normal, but and that same dream and sheoreth would pop out every day as well, finally learning how to hide his magic presence from the rainbooms and taunting Sherem and Nikita alike but Sherem would regain control soon the weekend would arrive as well as the concert
  16. "N-no!" she'd gasp as she struggled to get to the surface "G-give him back to me! I-I demand it!" she says, her eyes glowing, but the glow disappears as quickly as it happeend "N-no, I r-refuse to believe that I'm useless a-and pathetic"
  17. As he fell deeply into the sea and was underwater he open is eyes to reveal Sheoreth's eyes and a cold stare from him to her as he went deeply and deeply into the sea, just coldly staring at her with those sharp irises and yellow with black
  18. @ExplosionMare @Splashee @Lord Valtasar Emerald Heart's eyes open just when she heard her new friends trying their best to order from the mare. "Hmm..." She got off her seat just as Solumn got back into her seat, a plan coming into the cat's mind. "What did you want again?" She questioned, "Because I think I have a way to get them for you." She winked at the goat, just to be silly.
  19. "SHEREM!" She would call out, trying to reach out to him, continuously falling, "I'm coming baby!" she calls out, but a voice in her head would call out to her "Oh no you aren't, not if I can help it!" She cries "N-no, not now!"
  20. @Lord Valtasar Sounds good~meow Okay yea I just made my response mk
  21. Sherem falls asleep trying ignore the comments of Sheoreth. When Nikita fell asleep her dream was of her falling to a great blue sea from the sky and as she fell from the sky into the see, on the surface she could see Sherem drowning slowly into the sea with his eyes closed
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