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  2. dont have any goals. im here because normally i frequent at least one forum, this is the only forum i frequent at the moment also, to make a request shop and practice my style was the main motivation to be here, now that im more comfortable, being in a forum is the only thing i guess


    Sorry that I’m late, I hope it was awesome for you.


    Oh and I sent you a message too. ^^

  4. Well I identify as a pegasus pony...does that count?
  5. Hoping for a cross between "Lesson Zero" and "Amending Fences". Gillian M. Berrow is... fine as a writer. Hoping she goes out with a bang.
  6. Well, I will say that 2019 has been treating me well so far.
  7. Magic ability appeals the most to me, as it could prove incredibly useful under many circumstances. Especially so, if it could make the world a better place.
  8. 469393 Alright thanks Yourself?
  9. As much as I want to say magic, it would take years of study & practice to be as powerful as I would like. My next choice would be flight.
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    My goal here is to make at least someone happy. :fluttershy:

    Thank You for being an AWESOME Friend! :squee:



  11. I was actually pretty intrigued by Discord and his ambitions to make everything as chaotic as possible. Granted, I was quite fond of his abilities as well, so he came off as a villain who appealed to me in many ways.
  12. My main goal to meet on MLP Forums was to reach the rank of unicorn. 11,000+ posts later, I far reached that goal. Next, I made it my goal to be a staff member. It took me a long time to reach the posittion I am now. Nowadays, I aim to keep MLP Forums a friendly, safe, and welcoming website as best as I can.
  13. WWE just keeps getting more and more confusing with these guys.
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