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  2. I love tradition. It's nice to have one solid thing that never changes, and they can be pretty fun, too. Obviously there are harmful traditions, but luckily I haven't experienced any of those.
  3. I would like to ask you lovely people a question regarding my older content, for those who recall how I used to post.

    Do you recall how I used to used the tilde (~) in my posts? Be completely honest: what did you think of this little quirk of mine? I am not sure how you all perceived it, but I personally look back upon it with a bit of regret and mild humiliation. :mlp_please: I confess to going out of my way to correct it when I encounter my older posts.

    1. Mirage


      It never bothered me. When it comes to frustrations here, punctuation is way down on the list.

  4. Furry for 7 or 8 years and MLP for about half a year. I guess the Warrior Cats fandom might actually be the one I've been in for the longest (pretty much as long as I can remember), but I'm not very active in it any more. I avoid the Wings of Fire fandom like the plague, though the books are really good.
  5. what do you guy's think of this profile picture:fluttershy:

    1. Brony_2A


      It looks like Pinkie Pie stepped in cake batter. :laugh: But cute.

    2. Goofyg22


      Thank you so much i want to make sure its a positive one.

  6. I'm pretty skinny... But have enough fitness to walk 9 miles up a mountain and back
  7. oOoh big ol jet airliner

    Don't carry me too far away

    oOoh big ol jet airliner

    Cause it's here that I got stay


    1. Lucky Bolt
    2. Cyclone


      Song stuck in my head

  8. Unfortunately, anyone with any sex, religion, race, ethnicity, etc. will face some sort of scrutiny or discrimination at least once in their lives. Cultural and societal sexism is at an all-time low... unfortunately, however, tension between the sexes has risen quite a bit in the past decade or so, if only due to the media. To answer your question directly, however... yes, they can and do.
  9. Fast and Furious. I have been a fan of those movies since I was a little kid.
  10. It's the longest thing you'll ever do.
  11. "The fitness gram Pacer test is a multi-stage aerobic capacity test...."
  12. Let me rephrase. In the context of the conversation, Luna did believe that those measures were serious and would stay. She didn't agree with them, but she believed that Celestia and Shining Armor were serious about them.
  13. I'm pretty physically active by nature, so staying in shape kind of happens on its own for me. I'd like to have a teeny bit more muscle, though.
  14. Absolutely we do. And not just the boys will be boys stereotype of non emotion showing brick walls, there are some jobs out there where men are paid less than women because women are "more desirable" for the position. And do not get me started on double standards. As I'm sure @Lucky Bolt is tired of hearing, I can rant about those till the cows come home.
  15. I have just finished my final Lindt chocolate truffle egg. They were simply scrumptious, but it is time by diet rises back on track.
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