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  2. Celesita, Monarch of the Day, or Luna, Empress of the Night? Which side has your allegiance?


  3. I feel like that would make me dizzy xD Looks pretty though! Ohio?
  4. Good night, Celestia. Sweet dreams...

    1. Tacodidra


      Awww... it can't get much more adorable than that! :kindness:

      Good night, Your Highness! :grin:

  5. No, not anyone too famous TPAM knows at least two languages.
  6. Perhaps, but I don't think I'm overthinking this. Mainly cause, if he was actually gonna get something minor like an "honorary cutie mark", that episode woulda happened already. But hey, you could be right, and it's something minor like that. But hey, at least we got SOMETHING coming! That's for sure! So we know this episode isn't his last!
  7. It would be kind of funny if that happened but it won't ever happen due to the age rating the show has and how the writers need to uphold that.
  8. Yeah I think you're massively overthinking that. That looks to me like he just hasn't decided what to do with his life, which makes sense, because he's very young. I guess he could figure something out and get an honorary cutie mark?
  9. There will be another volume. It'll tell about the rest of the Targeryns up to Aerys the mad king. There's no release date though.It'll probably be a long time. Good news is Winds of Winter will supposedly be out next year.
  10. Alright Aladdin just ended and it was spectacular. I thought it was even a little  better than the original. 

    Anyway now am about to go get pizza. But have to wait 15 to 20 min. 

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! :yay: I hope the pizza is every bit as good! :pinkie:


    2. FalconBrony


      Now i definitely gotta see this movie

  11. The one I most recently remember is walking down steep, stone stairs and falling on the left joint of my right ankle. Because I'm overweight, it shattered pretty badly. A chip of the joint broke off and the other side looked like the side of the bone was halfway sliced off according to an X-Ray.
  12. Daaang, I really liked this episode! Mainly because it featured Smolder, my new favorite of the Student 6. XD Also I was shocked to find out that Garble is Smolder's brother. I was like, "Whaaaat?!" Wasn't expecting that. LOL
  13. Poor with lots of friends. Would you rather get tickets to a concert or tickets to a sports game?
  14. Is it really late? Is it? Are you sure? We just got 3 episodes for him this season showing his best, from being a clever mischief, to being very supportive, to being patient and Fluttershy mentioning all his positives! Then we have this: And then add in the staff calling him a "main character"! If this isn't a setup for something big, I dunno what is! Every character has an end goal, even if the character doesn't even know about it yet! He maybe satisfied, but his character arc keeps saying "what could all this mean? How does all this come together? What is the true hidden purpose of Spike's character arc? Is that comedic sidekick role just to lead everyone astray from the truth?" I'm telling ya... his arc feels like it's missing something really important. I dunno why no else sees it.
  15. Yahoo Answers is a beautiful dumpster fire where I can never tell who is trolling, and who is getting trolled. Such a wonderful ballet of crazy.
  16. There is a point when brown nosing becomes incredibly annoying.

  17. My mother served in the Air Force when I was little. She retired early due to getting sick. I don't exactly know my father since he left when I was about four, but he served in the Air Force as well before getting kicked out for getting fat. My former elderly neighbor was in the military, but I don't know what branch.
  18. I got into the quarterfinals of a capture the flag security competition. I've been having a lot of fun with it, but I've completely neglected studying for a week. Whoops, teehee.

    1. PathfinderCS


      Big whoops; careful there Trobz. :p

  19. Eh, in my opinion, this episode wasn’t that great. There wasn’t anything incredibly entertaining about it. I’m glad that Garble became more accepting of Spike but other than that, I don’t care for this one. I could also see that Garble was Smolder’s brother from a mile away so there was definitely no surprise there.
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