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  2. Good morning ponyville!!:D

    Lastnight was one of the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time:yay:

    Hope you all are doing well:mlp_yeehaa:

  3. I really enjoyed this episode. I love the dynamic between Cozy, Chryssy and Tirek and I love how they only developed it more in this episode.
  4. Well, 3 out of the latest shorts, released or not, take place in a festival, just like the Do-Over. I think it’s a foreshadowing for an animated adaptation. Probably a choose your own adventure since it’s not new territory for pastel humans
  5. China doesn't control the moon and I think that would violate international law.
  6. Well... If I knew I'd say
  7. Hallu there @Venus Star! Welcome to the forums and enjoy your little stay here! Glad you've decided to join.. yayy!!
  8. Yeah... Once... It wasn't exactly pleasant
  9. "Looks like we won," Copper stated with a half-smile as he watched what looked to be the final moments of the fight unfold. This was a pretty tough matchup, but he figured Team Lotus would be able to pull something off. @Dynamo Pad That's when he noticed the unconscious Dynamo Pad outside the ring. Immediately going into caring mode, he rushed to his old friend's side and started applying a little bit of Earth Pony magic to heal him and have him regain consciousness.
  10. I don't see anyone describing a character so I guess I'll just continue this thread... This character is a controlling, curly-haired little sh*t
  11. I got banned on one forum like... 9 years ago
  12. Hurt So Good by John Mellencamp What is something you and your SO really want to do together?
  13. I love you because you're a cool friend and just really awesome person in general. <3
  14. I literally have no idea what that is. Steering wheel?
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