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  2. Certifiable moron Who let the dogs out?
  3. I think my avatar reflects me more than I reflect my avatar.
  4. Once or twice, although I was a lot a younger at that time and some people did go out of their way to provoke me...
  5. Aside from family, no. I don't like the idea of it even though it's natural.
  6. Not particularly tbh considering I'm technically underweight. Also, in moderation, the foods shown on the left are fine and genetics plays more of a role in our weight than we realise imo.
  7. I might start playing Showdown again at some point, but if I encounter too many cheese strats I'm going to stop again.

  8. i'm not into pony, let alone a colt. so no. but.. humanized? yes
  9. "No idea. Somnus tends to lean too much on his experience. While it can work for him, he forgets that others also have some fair points also. Anyway, what do you think about cats?"
  10. Want to keep away from football (soccer) but it everywhere it's annoying.

  11. Not into girls and not into ponies so I have to pass.
  12. ah what the heck, I tends to bite on my thumb and peel it died skin off and chew on it.
  13. For stealing a Cyclops's treasure. (We can say stuff like that, right?)
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