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    1. Easter Dash

      Easter Dash

      Good morning bro sleep well how are you?

  3. Wow 2 days in a row I’ve won most brohoof content. You guys are the best. I’d like to return the favor. Brohoofs and hugs for all of you.

  4. The ending managed to catch me off guard, though I should have seen it coming a mile away. Luna was acting very suspicious. Because of the ending with Spike this episode was much better than I was expecting.
  5. I'd go Chevy in general. I had a Ford van for a long time and it was the longest lasting of any vehicle I'd owned, but overall I think I'd go with Chevy if given the choice.
  6. To be more accurate it isn’t a glitch itself. We reduced the timeframe that search goes back and everything feeds off of search. After the upgrade we had extremely slow response times so we had to do that. Eventually we will use our own search server. For now it’s a pain but one that we can handle.
  7. Hey guys sorry I haven’t been on like the past 3 or 4 hours. I was busy having dinner with my family. Anyway how are you guys doing?

  8. So .... I’m here. Both of my kids are officially 18. I usually have a lot to say ... but now I’m just sitting here realizing that the next phase of parenthood is the wise helper. 

    Happy birthday @Salty Sweetness

    You’re in change now!

    1. Easter Dash

      Easter Dash

      Congratulations bro. 


  9. Now we have the 200th episode of My Little Pony! Thanks to our pony voice actors for sharing their stories in this episode too! I like this! We believe that Spike is a true Sibling Supreme at the last part of this episode at this competition. Shining Armor is no deceiver to this. It came up with Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends to make this up with plans to obtain that kind of crown. Things goes wrong, and things goes right again. I enjoyed this episode and it was great for their kind of stories too!
  10. Wat, just... wat. No, I am fairly sure they don't lay eggs since pegasi are still equines and that in case are still mammals.
  11. As a movie theater employee I'm terrified of next week... :sunny:

  12. The thing that annoys me the most about people who attempt a Chicago accent is that they all try to sound like the same person. 

    Like they saw that SNL sketch and they all are not doing an impression of the accent, but rather an impression of the characters in the skit. 

    I mean other than that accent impression is dated af and not many young people talk like that , but that's a different story. 

  13. Am I the only one who felt it was a "Friends" reference? Anyone else remember the Geller Cup?
  14. We have the Young Six appear in this episode once again for this season! Memorializing the Tree of Harmony (and its Elements) is not that easy for them after it was destroyed by King Sombra back in the season premiere in two weeks back; instead, they build it up during the song and it grows into a new structure. Cleaning this up does work after the mess was made. That was not just repairing the Tree of Harmony but to grow a new structure from below the Cave of Harmony. Princess Twilight Sparkle is a spirit for this episode, and that is the wisdom from her. I will say this episode is great too!
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  16. Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Saw it in theaters, enjoyed it. Felt sorry for Broly.
  17. I would nuzzle, cuddle and kiss all the cute males with good personalities. Especially Thorax! And only if Zephyr Breeze tones downs his ego, will he get it from me. But other jerk Stallions like Flim and Flam? No.
  18. That's all of it for this episode and it was great! I'm getting the gold wireless bluetooth microphone tomorrow to sing and speak out loud! I can be the DJ for all of you, bronies!

  19. "Does your conscience ever bother you? Maybe you've done something you feel was wrong? Even a tiny bit in the back of your mind?" "What is your plan for the future? Careers, retirement, anything else? Or maybe you are a pony who likes to wing it and go wherever the tide takes you."
  20. "I don't like being prey. Doesn't feel like my thing. Sometimes it feels like I'm not even supposed to be me. It's weird. I think I told you this already, but I feel as if I'm not supposed to be so tiny and weak, like I'm supposed to be something big and powerful. Something durable and strong."
  21. ... SHE'S AN EMPATH TOO!?!? A beat, then: OH NO... if she can read my feelings, then she.... she can... can TELL I... I... I... Dax sat down hard on the floor. She... she HAS to know. All those dreams... the dances, the picnics, the theatres, the vacations together, the... m-my dreams... she... oh, I just... how do I... Dax, at that moment, looked over at his friend, Illiad. Over the past few weeks, the unicorn had corresponded with him. Had come to meet him. Had done so very, very much in the quarry. Had even managed to reach his family. Illiad might not have realized it, but his presence had done wonders to all that Dax had ever known. The Trojan had continuously spoken well to him, had nurtured his capacity to think about his emotions, and had granted him a courage he had never before known. Illiad. HE wants me to speak, I'm sure of it. HE isn't even upset with me for this - he's concerned for me. And he believes in me, I'm sure of it - or he wouldn't have invited her here, with me... to... t-to MEET me. It almost physically hurts to look at her, but... but... I have to face this. I have to make Illiad proud. I have to SHOW him what he's changed in me. Dax didn't cry. He didn't give the weighty sigh he usually gave, and he didn't slouch. He didn't run away, and he didn't cower in fear. What he DID do was look up at the lovely Princess... and speak. "Your Majesty, I... h-have been... I mean, I... I just..." COURAGE. He swallowed nervously, took a deep breath, and unleashed a rapid-fire stream of words. "Your Majesty, I've had an enormous crush on you for a long time, due directly to your being the most beautiful mare I've ever seen in my entire life. However, I am also a huge fan of your work with the stars, as they've been my only friends for a long time, until Illiad came along - and the very night sky I cherish is the same sky you paint in with the radiant shine of cosmic light. I am awed by your presence, and I am humbled for being doused in the wake of your exquisite beauty. However, I have to admit that, seeing you with my own eyes, you are... p-perfect... and I am just a subject in your kingdom; I'm not going to fool myself any longer in thinking that I would ever be able to dedicate myself to one so incredibly perfect... I'm a Blackwater, and though I'm finding my own worth in a number of ways, thanks to Illiad, I am also painfully aware of how... inadequate I would ever be to even consider to lo... lo... to consider to be roman... romant... to consider... t-to consider myself worthy of ever sharing ourselves together. I can only hope that there shall one day be a stallion who could be the one who would heal and hold your heart... but, in finally seeing your magnificence, I have awoken from my foal's dream, and... a-and... and I'm ashamed that I thought myself capable of... of s-such a thing. Please, your Majesty - forgive my heart and mind, because I'm certain that pain and sorrow are the LAST things you'd want to experience from any one of your subjects." The outpouring of Dax's truest heart was awkward... but courageous. He'd just openly confessed his crush to the one he had eyes for, and at the same time declared himself unworthy of her. Though his eyes watered up a smidge, he didn't cry - but the sheer weight of embarrassment alone almost felt as if it threatened to burst his heart. Dax knew he would never be what she needed. He was ashamed he'd ever thought he would. But, he was also ready to accept that fact; had this happened before he met Illiad, Dax might have run away crying, screamed in anguish, or even simply passed out on the spot. As it was, he felt as though the slivers of his heart were pooling at the bottom of his hooves... but he was no longer any sort of coward about it. After his long, almost run-together confession, he looked down at the floor; he was too ashamed to look the Princess in her beautiful eyes.
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