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  2. I believe it was Plaid Stripes!
  3. Nope. This pony appears in season 6.
  4. I find it very adorkable but if the show were to continue past season 9, then “twilighting” would probably become her only personality trait.
  5. Answer as actually Wind Rider, but, I guess I should of been more descriptive. Svengallop This pony loves spoons! She came up with the idea of spoon clothes.
  6. @Blitz Boom With the winds on the desert, it wasn't long before they couldn't hear the guards or the rumbling of the facility as it collapsed. They hadn't even been running a full minute before the wind was all they could hear. When Void's blind run across the desert stopped by her collision with the corpse of one of the spawn of Tartarus, which caused them to fall into one of the many craters that dotted the landscape, they would finally be able to really take in their surroundings. At least in the crater, the wind wasn't blowing on them, though sand was still being blown onto them. The ground was mostly clay, with a dusting of sand on top of it, but it was dry and cracked. If they ventured to look around outside of their crater, they weren't far from the railway, in fact there was what looked to be a station nearby, it was likely for the facility they had just escaped, but it was in extreme disrepair, along with the rails leading up to it, twisted and broken beyond any semblance of order or usefulness. There were dozens of corpses all around, both in and around the many craters in the clay, as well as more than a few field grave markers, guard helmets on pikes, both Equestrian and Trojan guards had died here. The corpse they now shared a crater with, hadn't been dead too long, only about a year, so it wasn't wholly decomposed, plus the sand had dried it out to the point that it was mostly skin and bones. The wind died down shortly after, and it was quiet as the sun started to rise, from the west. A single pony dressed in a desert wanderer's garb seemed to have taken notice of them, a thick brown cloak to keep off the sand. It was a unicorn, as brown as the sand, and he spoke with a gruff voice "You lost?"
  7. Mlp has a problem of falling into doing familiar things too often and therefore becoming predictable.
  8. Lightning dust This pony is just a huge jerk to both pinkie pie and a famous pop star friend of Applejacks.
  9. I have been summoned... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE @Phosphor, I chose you!
  10. I agree. I observed the same effect in my case. But as they said they will be always with us. Fluttershy in companion some of Her friends. By the way, can you see the difference?
  11. Rainbow Dash This ex-wonderbolt framed Rainbow Dash for a crime she didn't commit.
  12. Princess Twilight Sparkle This pony does not like cute stuff or Zephyr breeze.
  13. Lyra with a Lyre! This pony is the main character... no, the main main character... like the first main character you see
  14. Celly's looking good for someone her age. I need her secret.
  15. Alright, fair enough on your first point. I’ll do some research on that. As for the fact you point out how you believe I missed the point of your post isn’t quite the truth. You see while it is contradictory from a logical standpoint that some people want what is best for Humanity despite their best and sincerest efforts to fix the situation, when shit goes down it’ll inevitably result in people seeing what is logically contradictory to their beliefs and ideals to be the inevitable truth for their reality. In other words, you’re taking my statements too literally. It’s not that some people are really blind to reality at face value nor they’re delusional about it. It means that such people have lost hope. Hopelessness. The Bane of Humanity’s Survival. Hell, even if WW3 comes about I don’t expect myself to stay alive by then. You could’ve made your points legit and strong if you would just’ve said “Humanity’s Hopelessness and Pure Self-Interest on a Global Scale will be the day when World War 3 inevitably begins. But as long as Humanity has Hope and make the necessary sacrifices to preserve our ability to survive, it’ll never happen.” The age old argument of self-interest vs self-sacrifice. Something that my religious institution goes on and on which is what your post symbolizes. Frankly, I’ve become jaded and cynical for how things are going nowadays, so it is a struggle for me to be hopeful for our reality. Still doesn’t stop me from working on it though.
  16. Apparently when you're homeschooled, you don't GET a spring break. I was getting excited for nothing. 

  17. @Jedishy "Well in your sleep, you mumbled something about clouds, and you were sweating quite a lot" she says then smiles at him "And you're welcome, it's my duty as your girlfriend to help you when you need it" she says, getting up and kissing him on the cheek "As for tea, I'd love a nice berry blend please and I'll have what you have with the oats, please"
  18. Not fan-made, this is going to be published by an actual company, Seven Seas Entertainment, and put in a store. Manga and MLP, two of my favorite things coming together. I am definitely not going to pass on checking this out when I do my regular run to the bookstore in June.
  19. Just got back home from another amazing year at BABScon

    1. Easter Dash

      Easter Dash

      Nice bro how was it?

    2. AuraBlue


      It was good.i only attended Friday, Saturday, and a little bit of today. Also got to meet Tabitha St. Germain

  20. Funny enough, the first time I saw Discord wasn't even before I was aware of the show's existence. It was from a short clip from Youtube where some dude was commenting on the show, and it was the moment where Discord corrupts Fluttershy. As soon as it happened, the guy flipped. He was shouting "YOU M****R F****R YOU CHEATED!!! YOU CHEATED YOU S*N ** * B***H!!!", something like that. It was ridiculous. I wonder anyone knows the video I'm describing. I can't find it anywhere. The feeling I felt when I saw Discord while watching the show was that the writers of the show are more self conscious than I thought. And I also deeply sympathized with him, because I would do things for fun he did. I also thought that shooting the magical laser beam of friendship to a villain was ridiculous in a certain viewpoint. And Discord acted like he felt it too.
  21. Those blue eyes ❤️


    1. Easter Dash

      Easter Dash

      Magic blue power.

  22. Out of curiosity I looked up the search term "My Little Pony" on Yahoo from a REALLY long time ago to see what kind of results I would get, and bronies/pegasisters were DEFINITELY a thing way back when. (But they weren't called that back then, obviously.) There was even fan art and fan fiction sites back then! I didn't even know fan fiction was a thing back then. :confused:

    1. Easter Dash

      Easter Dash

      I think fan fiction was created around the early 2000s.

  23. Okay, that one was great. I definitely give it to Wolverine. Anybody know what that picture was that Wolverine looked at when he woke up?
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