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  2. Outlawed for not giving me the tears of both Alicorns, so I can use it for my evil plans of total domination of Equestria.
  3. I am victorious! All shall bow down to me and my cupkek!
  4. Doctor appointment went perfect!! Now we start once a week until see is born:-D
    Hope you all are enjoying this awesome day!B)

  5. 469328 Where the chuff have those posts been deleted (and why)? I've been back through the last thousand and didn't find anything :/
  6. medium.png

    I think I like Anon as a pony better than as a human, less annoying this way.

  7. Twilights powers seems the most useful for me so I will go with it. (If we were talking about having magical powers in the EG universe I would like to have twilights magic or something similar so I will conquer their world just for the heck of it, at worst I will lose and they will forgive me)
  8. I try...even though I’m not very good at it. Same I guess
  9. EG has a lot of really good songs, if counted with mlp it will take more then half of my top 10 songs in the franchise as a whole, so it's not easy to pick just 3. I will count only 1 of each movie, special or short to make it easier in choosing. 3. we will stand for everfree from the fourth movie or unleash the magic from the third, I tried but I just can't decide which is better. 2. the cafeteria song\ help twilight win the crown, it just stuck in my head for days for it is so catchy. 1. Under our spell from rainbow rocks, its only flow is that its too short. I loved all the sirens songs but this one just blew me away, I couldn't believe how good it was.
  10. @Lady Moonspell *she pats him gently, hoping to call him down and she nods, looking at Rayven* Shall we have our cuddles in here maybe? *she asks her with an eyebrow raised, she’s willing to give up alone time with her marefriend for her girl’s little brother, yes, yes she is.*
  11. Late 18th Century. The Age of Reason. Wednesday. Surreal fantasy seen through the eyes of an elderly gentleman who never tells lies... The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen
  12. Sparkle's Seven Episode Spoilers





    1. R.D.Dash



      I thought it looked familiar



  13. "No, let me go! I've got tides to regulate! Comets to direct! I don't have time for flatulence and orgasms!"
  14. @Totally Lyra You're Welcome, BFFFF!
  15. It's natural to try and correct your flaws, but in a lot of cases I also think it's fine to embrace them. Never let anyone make you feel like trash

    1. Shiki


      What if your flaws are incorrectable? 

    2. Frostgage


      Then I guess you've got no choice but to embrace them hehe

    3. Shiki


      Embrace being an ugly ogre man, huh? Sounds awful

  16. I would rather have the magical ability of Twilight, with that, I could make the world better.
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