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  2. Hi Ven, here's a super duper special cake for you, my friend. ^^

    Image result for red velvet cake

  3. I'm not going have no idea where it is and don't like dressing up lol
  4. The last thing I've eaten is Chinese barbecue pork, it was so delicious!
  5. Electrohydrodynamic.
  6. Lately I've been seeing a lot of fruit flies appearing in my bathroom. They seem to be attracted to the soap and shampoo. It's pretty sad going in there after I wake up to find about twenty of them have drowned in a bath puddle over night. Poor little things.
  7. Well I do know why McCarthy and Rogers got out. McCarthy moved to a higher position in Hasbro and Rogers went to work for Disney. Still, that could've happened just a few years later. It was just so sudden for it to happen right when the show was doing so well.
  8. Happy Birthday bro. :balloon:

  9. Granted but it got lost along the way of coming to you. i wish for rain, it’s so dry here..
  10. Yes. We need to go and get a drink sometime. Anyhow, my favourite word is probably “simpleton”. I certainly seem to use it to describe a great many of my peers on a regular basis. “Dullard” comes in at a close second.
  11. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming,swimming,swimming “
  12. 468405 (Mysterious black dragon makes its way thought the crimson dawn, prowling, claws scratching against the cold stone, fear repulsing all life that beheld it. It opened its glowing white eyes and reared its mighty head, roaring a number so great, the universe bled and whimpered, and none lived to tell save the scurrying rats underground who were exposed to radiation and become intelligent and passed on the memory of the great black dragon, and his number, in dance and song...)
  13. TBH I don't know but I would love to see this. I’ll move this to SugarCube Corner so it has a bit more visibility.
  14. Do I have to pick just one? I'll just post a few and I'll let you use the power of your imaginations to decide which one is my favourite. Pandemonic Judgement Esper Fate Satori Spirit Love Benevolent Myriad Octahedron Pyramid Lunatic Demon Donkey
  15. No. They have always existed and some have actually used this feature but the upgrade adjusted the menu and defaulted them to a separate menu item.
  16. Does anyone know if a poster/image exists of all the characters up to Season 7? I managed to find posters for up to Season 5, but it would be great if there was one for up to Season 7. Does this exist, or is anyone willing to consider making one? Many thanks!
  17. Literally my spirit animal right here


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