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  2. "Yes, that is true." The thing about it still being temporary is true, why would he continue and argue that it isn't? "Do you ever think about the way you live and question it?"
  3. One of the best episodes in season 8, a world building episode with a new interesting race. I am wondering if the kirins are somehow related to unicorns, they both have horns and magic and even looking like ponies to boot it, maybe an isolated population of unicorns which evolved differently? Autumn blaze is my favorite one off character so far, and I wish they bring her with her race back in season 9, it will make me so happy. I kinda ship autumn blaze with applejack. However I felt the resolution came to qeackly and rushed. Up until AJ met FS again it was amazing and then it felt a bit rushed and unsatisfying, but I guess they were short on time so... I also felt they missed an unique opportunity, if they included starlight it would have shown her how her village looked like to her from a new perspective. 9/10. By the way, the song is stunning, one of the best in the show.
  4. @Blitz Boom Those were some big words, terms that didn't mean anything to the siblings and probably will catch them off-guard when they get brought up during the trial. For a moment, they tried to wrap their head around everything Rosa mentioned, understanding the bits that they could pick up on. Duration, waiting, proof, all of that they clearly understood. Statute of limitations? They have no idea what that one meant. And on that, they'd have a lot of learning to do in such short notice. If those present at the court would bring up even more terminologies, they'd be left clueless about how to go about the proceedings, unless they had to speak about something Scarcity did. That part they could do just fine. I don't think justice systems will ever be perfect, Sen quietly muttered though Lin picked up on this rather quickly and retorted. "Is there something you want to say?" "No. Yes. Why would anyone want to represent or even defend Filigree? Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions and only we know the extent of her actions but it baffles me why we have to consider the possibility of her getting off lightly. And what happens if she does? Do we get called out for wasting the court's time?" Those last questions were meant to sate his curiosity though Lin couldn't help but wonder the same. As much as she hadn't approved of Sen's comment earlier, it did lead to this line of questioning. From their experience back home, there is some similarity with having a jury and someone presiding over the trial, but the defendants were always those who were accused of a crime and the victim of the crime. They plead their case before the village and there will be a verdict dependent on the nature and severity of the crime. Most of the time it was labor, and that was usually enough for everyone. If what Rosa says is true, that the punishment isn't always fair, what were the odds that the verdict on Filigree's crimes would very much turn out that way?
  5. Mainly blueberries, as it is my favorite fruit. But a healthy amount of Apple's and oranges
  6. "I wouldn't care." Ruby stated coldly "Both because I don't believe that those lizards could do any real damage to my kind, and because I don't care what happens to rest of my kind." "After all, my goal is to be more successful than rest of my kind, and if I was the only one left, I would automatically be the most superior."
  7. "If I hit my leg and it hurts, then after it healing hit it again, the pain is still only temporary." Mystic stated "And like you said, it's just natural since we are social creatures, it doesn't necessary say anything about how I feel."
  8. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: Sunlight chuckled and shook her head "Oh, no, I wouldn't be good teacher, I would just lecturing ponies and you need more than that to be a good teacher. " she said "Because some ponies don't learn by just listening, and I'm not sure if I could take care of individual needs when it comes to forms of teaching." Jade: "There's no need to be embarrassed." Jade said with kind tone as he put his hoof on Dew's shoulder, he had finished with the tree "Sure it feel bit odd to know that somepony has crush on me, but it's flattering if anything, and in name of honestly, I will admit that if nothing else, I find you rather cute too."
  9. He's been a key already multiple times. Bringing the Crystal Heart to Cadance, which saved the Crystal Ponies, Helping Thorax the Changeling befriend the Crystal Empire, and protecting the ponies by making sure a worthy dragon other than Bully Garble would become Dragon Lord. Again my point is, you don't have to do something big to make a big difference. That was the lesson of S5's Made in Manehatten.
  10. Today is my last day of school for my degree, to say I'm anxious is a complete understatement. The anxiety of the uncertainty what the future will bring me after I graduate kills me inside. :(

    1. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      I can understand how you feel :kindness:

    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      You'll do fine, my friend. :kindness: *hugs*

    3. Partialgeek514


      Wow. Congratulations! Though, I understand that's nerve racking. What is your degree in?

  11. This brushable Pinkie Pie was my first piece of MLP merch ever! I bought her way back in June of 2011, and I will say It felt kinda weird buying something like this (and still kinda does), but I wanted to show my support for the show and have a cute piece of memorabilia to sit on my shelf.
  12. Seeing crazy fluttershy is the best thing ever. It was a very entertaining episode that led to a nice conclusion to the first season. Celestia enjoying the havoc was for me at least, predictable and funny. I wish we got more of blueblood in future episodes just to know how he is a prince at all. 9/10 Not every finale has to include a fight to save the world, a well done slice of life episode can be just what we need.
  13. I agree with @This Whomps. I think you are being very petty complaining about being done with Spike after that episode. I keep telling people to wait until they see the whole episode before giving final judgement on it. And to respect the people who love an episode that is hated by majority. Back on topic, everyone has a chance to be a hero and even if they miss their chance, that doesn't make them wasted potential. Since in-universe, the heroes should be heroes not for fame and fortune but for doing what's right.
  14. Everybody who's dissatisfied with the ridiculous movies ignore them and read books.
  15. As Dynamo landed a hit on Canteen, he moved from one chunk of rock to the next. Continuously ricocheting to keep on attacking his opponent. "Oh, don't worry about that. This makeshift pinball machine doesn't need bits to play. Besides, I'm giving the pinball machine a test run to see if I need to fix anything!" He exclaims, trying to pick up momentum to land decisive hits. As he listened to Canteen talk about using the inhaler, Dynamo gasped as he encased himself in a magic glow. He wasn't sure if the spell would work, but in theory, it would be just like encasing his front and back hooves in magic to move and attack more swiftly. "Sorry, but I'm not letting you use that inhaler! So, just give it up, Canteen!" Dynamo narrowed his eyes, while he began to spin faster and faster. If the spin dash worked, then the attack would have more force applied to the strike. Along with the intention that Dynamo would stop Canteen before he took the inhaler.
  16. When I just started to watch the show, my favorite dynamic was RDs and AJs friendship and rivalry, and I wanted and episode with the main focus was them competing, so when I got to this episode I was very happy to say the least! Sure, this episode has a lot of plot holes but they dont really bother me. This episode is one of my favorite episodes in the first season. I wish they focused more on their friendly rivalry during the run of the show, not as a main focus but something like in castle mania would have sufficed so they would not have brought this back out of nowhere like in season 8. One of my early favorites and a good example of how you can make an intense yet funny, lovely and relatable slice of life episode. 9/10
  17. Don't forget he shared an episode with Applejack in S3. Whether you like the episode or not, he did spent time with Applejack. Or when he was co-commentator with Pinkie Pie during the Running of the Leaves in S1.
  18. In my opinion, women might be more curious then men are because they just seem to be more affectionate then men are to each other.
  19. Bumping this thread because we got 10 more titles coming up the pipe, and they're all good ones! - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Streets of Rage 2 - EarthWorm Jim - Thunder Force III - Super Fantasy Zone - Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck! - Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master - Contra: Hard Corps - Landstalker: The Treasure of King Nole Of course, if you want to kill SEGA by emulating titles for free, and make the system cheaper, by my guest. I already pre-ordered it! I'm just trying to Gogoba Guilt Trip you into caring!
  20. This day aria is probably my favorite, its intense, epic, it stuck in my head for quit a while and the singing is just beautiful. I also love a kirin tale and the light of your cutie mark. If we include EG then under our spell, the cafeteria song and stand for ever free are also my favorites.
  21. And can you believe how stupid Donald Trump was for suggesting using water bombing aircraft to put out the fire? Sure it would have put out the fire faster but would cause the whole place to collapse making the damage even worse. It already had 400 firefighters doing what they're trained to do. Thank goodness I didn't vote for him. He's not my president
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