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  2. These two people hit the nail on the head. Equestria should be its own world that are more INSPIRED by mythology and trying new rules and ways of working with them rather than being accurate to the original myths. And I believe the show is all the better for doing so. Also, the Original Changelings mythology was alluded to in Times They are a Changling, when they suspected Thorax of being after Flurry Heart.
  3. Thanks. Most of them won't be claimed, though if some of them were to be claimed, I wouldn't care too much, as the most important thing for me is to keep the video public, regardless if it's claimed or not.
  4. While i’d rather that not be the case, it’s a pretty reasonable compromise.
  5. Of course they’d be the main focus, they’re the main characters. And as far as finales and premieres go, aside from Twilight they’ve been irrelevant in them since The Wedding
  6. Sloth Powers! GO!!! :love:

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      Oh I love this guys content! especially this one! ^_^ 

  7. Eh, although borrowed from myths, the world they created is fine without having to be 100% accurate to the source. Although I also agree with the below:
  8. thanks for the follow new friend! :kindness: I look forward to the pleasure of getting to know you :yay::bedeyes:

  9. Even years later, this still remains one of my favorite PMVs. :pinkie:



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      that honesty made my night <3 thank you for sharing that :rarity:

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      Totally Lyra

      @Valencia You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :kindness:

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      :yay::D if you have more things saved like this, I hope you choose to share them again :rarity:

  10. So far this season, this is what we had following the premier The Student Six getting an episode very early in the Season The 200th episode focused on the Mane Six vs Shining Armor Twilight getting caught in the Twilight Madness again(With a new character named Dusty Pages) The return of Quibble Pants Yona and Sandbar getting a focused episode The terrible trio(Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow) getting a day in the limelight Meeting Smolder's brother(Garble, who apparently was reformed) A bonding between Apple BLoom and Applejack A Starlight/Trixie centered episode that brings back these characters: Sunburst, Maud, Mudbriar and Terramar, plus a small focus on Silverstream A CMC episode that not only introduced Scootaloo's Parents, but also her aunts, and even served as a reflection for the legacy of the Cutie Mark Crusaders Celestia and Luna taking a vacation and getting a majority of the focus(Much to my surprise and delight) So with that out of the way, what do you think will come next before the Grand Finale? My predictions: The return of Cheese Sandwich teaming up with Pinkie Pie A Wonderbolts episode that redeems Lightning Dust(Maybe) One more round with Daring Do One last bout with the Flim Flam brothers
  11. Their father looked a bit chagrined, but smiled as he backed away from the counter, "Please! I've had enough of my own cooking to know that it isn't great, no need to make you two suffer it too... again..." He sighed as he took a seat to watch her cook, "I've been thinking, it's nice to know I did well the first time, that in the short time I apparently had you two that you learned so much, were able to survive despite it all." he laughed, "Folks been saying you were even up at Harrowmark? That's quite the feat from what I've heard about it. But anyway..." he looked a bit more serious, "About the whole mind wiping, the Grey were never too thorough, they left enough that you'd know you were in the Grey, but not enough to get them in trouble, Chick's like that, you know the chef in the caverns right? Anyway, it seems that whoever wiped my wife and I were much more thurough, I remember working for TrUST, then... some sort of special project, then nothing until after you two had left." He shook his head sadly, "It's just like when Celestia did it to us back in the school." He seemed to get an idea, "You know, maybe He could do it? Maybe the leader at Troy could help us," He was starting to look excited, "Oh that would be great, he's supposed to be good with this sort of thing, having dismantled the Grey and all, maybe he could break whatever's holding our memories." He seemed to be talking more to himself than Void, but it was fairly clear who he was talking about. "Oh!" he turned his attention back to Void, "My wife should be here with the transports in a few hours, how do you think we should break the news to her about, you know, you two?"
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  13. What's also important is that we've finally seen Scootaloo's parents, and she was the last to have them revealed. I even thought we were finally get a Pinkie/CMC episode at times, but I guess it won't ever happen, which is okay because they got something together in Equestria Girls two years ago, and that's still better than nothing. I mean, if I were a writer, I'd probably would have disapproved that Cart Before the Ponies episode and put one of those in its place.
  14. It is 7:30 P.M. here in the Houston metropolitan area.
  15. Yeah this show does look pretty good. I saw the first episode, and I really liked it. Despite it coming out of nowhere, I have to say that this show looks really promising, and I think I might check it out when more episodes are released.
  16. @Stardust* Kitsune cringed at the words he spoke, she was torn, she wanted to repeat them to him but she felt this knot in her stomach, which no thanks to the cheesecake was even bigger than normal. As his arms began to wrap around her she tried desperately to get as much blanket between her and his arms as she could without looking like she was being crazy. "Just a bit cold, heh." She was watching the time pass and she was waiting for the sound of heavy relaxed breathing to emanate from Dynamo before she made a move. In the meantime she tried very hard to remain frozen in place as to not alarm him or bump him in any way that would wake him. Dynamo had waited for a response from Kitsune, but he assumed that she was already asleep. At least, he hoped for that case in his mind. As he tried to wrap his arms around her, he was stopped as the female vixen placed the blanket between them. He felt visibly hurt from the action, but he made sure to not let it be too obvious. Was it something he did, or was it something he had said? At the time, he honestly didn't know. He so desperately wanted to talk to her and hope that he didn't ruin anything between them. He didn't answer her remark as he was trying to make his sleeping more believable. He began to take heavy and relaxed breaths. So, he could show that he was indeed sound asleep to Kitsune.
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