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  2. Yuck. The fur of a cotton candy bear. (The bear isn't made of cotton candy.)
  3. Last day at BABScon.. Enjoying myself so far, meeting new people and old ones. Especially from this site. Sad that I have to go back home to the wonderful world of work and life.

  4. Thorax. This character is a ponified Andy Dick with pink fluffy hair.
  5. @Dynamo Pad Orange smiles and accepts the cherry cola when Dynamo had returned "Thank you, and you know, that would be a nice surprise for them" she says with a smile to him, "Not only that I'm back to my old self and the curse is lifted, but also that we rekindled our old friendship, and to the point of becoming a couple" she kisses his cheek then looks on as her friends had begun coming back to the table. Starlight hugs him "I would have appreciated the truth, but I can understand you wanting to try to impress me"
  6. Coraline, does that count? Music CD of your favorite artist?
  7. @Jedishy Tranquil sighs "Bring it right to the church. If it is what we think it could be, then the father will know what to do" she says, leaning on him, just wanting to spend the day relaxing with Winter. "And here I was, hoping for a nice, relaxing day with you" she says "I'm sorry, I guess I tend to complicate things"
  8. During the line, "I'll call you tomorrow morning if I need my toast buttered", Wolverine lies on his bed and and is seen stroking a picture frame. This is a reference to the scene in the X-Men animated series in the 90s, in which Wolverine gazed at a picture frame of the superheroes Cyclops and Jean Grey. This scene from the cartoon also became a famous meme. In-battle, the picture frame depicts EpicLLOYD partially in makeup as Gandalf, referencing the origins of the heroin joke.
  9. Pinkie Pie left two days ago & we haven't heard from her since then. *Meanwhile, somewhere...* I'VE *NEVER* BUNGIE JUMPED WITH TAFFY BEFORE!
  10. I hope you had a nice Easter c:

  11. Yeah, and this is why I don't pay attention to news. Shit like this is too depressing.
  12. @Lady Moonspell Winter nods and returns the hug wrapping an arm around her waist and pressing his head against hers to give a light kiss on the nose. " Of course. What is the plan? Do we bring it to the church or do you want to try some other things first? " He wondered if the necklace was part of what was going on but thought better of trying to use chi to reach out towards it. Acting without knowing the results to expect was a foolish endeavor.
  13. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet smiles and nods "Mmhm, I like something sour every now and then" she says and listen "I usually mess up on my first run, my second is always much better as I try to build a team suitable for the area that I am in" she says, covering a yawn "Hey babe, I'm gonna go take a bit of a nap, okay?" she asks "Wake me up when we get there please" she says, finding the bed and settling under the blankets, covering another yawn, grabbing her Litten plush and fell asleep.
  14. @Jedishy Tranquil nods "I'm sorry, I know you're excited for your friend's celebration, but I feel this is..something we need to do" she says, wrapping an arm around him and sighing "Do you think it could be do with that necklace I had?"
  15. The memes are strong with "Sparkle's Seven":





  16. Hope all my friends had a great Easter.

  17. It's really sad that these things have to happen. My family has a few ties to the country, so they know a few who were unfortunately killed during this this. I really am losing more and more faith in humanity.
  18. If there's one big thing I really don't like about both and FIMFiction, a lot of people in both sites are colossal assholes, making me want to spam the "block user" button. FFnet's the worst in that regard, thanks to it history of flamers/trolls/sockpuppets and site running on auto-pilot for over a decade.

    Archive of Our Own, a nonprofit fanfic site, seems to be more relaxed and peaceful atmospherically.

    1. Cwanky


      They also seem to have a strong implicit bias towards certain characters and ideas, much like Equestriadaily. Also I'm not sure the direct comment feedback with the likes and negs are the best way to encourage feedback. It risks turning into a pseudo Youtube comments section.

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