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  2. I swear I’ve seen this one on the forums before and I think a friend of mine here mentioned you, but I’m not entirely sure.
  3. . Yeah, it’d be nice to have a trade option or something to make it to where one can be able to get characters one doesn’t have. This whole getting dup’s in large successions is getting old…
  4. I hope you have a good standing with the admins about coming back with a potentially new account Hi @HelloJinxie, and welcome back to the forums! If you have been here before, you know how friendly it is, and if not, well it is very friendly! Greetings from another game developer! Feel free to chat any time!
  5. The thing is, as a game developer myself (that is not afraid of Hasbro lawyers), I have had many retro game ideas where simply putting MLP characters and their stories into the games, would be interesting for me to play. Back in 2013 I was almost about to do something that I am glad I didn't. When "Fighting is Magic" was at its highest popularity, I was so inspired that I had developed a better way to represent the ponies than that game had, and was ready to do basically any of my ideas. At this point, when there are very few Bronies left, and G4 is soon over, investing in making a game could be quite disappointing. I have looked in this forum for inspiration, but many projects are just blogs, and not very interactive. I am a C++ programmer that is stuck on Windows PC platform. Any work I would do would yield in a good product, but limited to that platform. I have no idea how many Bronies are sitting on their iPhone/Android and won't even try to boot a PC to try a game, no matter how much quality has been put into it.
  6. Neither. Don't hate clown and i grew up on Shel Silverstein's books.
  7. @Lord Valtasar Splashee looked up at Solumn Lullaby when he got the command to take care of any guard, and nodded. Bummer he thought to himself. But then he heard he would get a chance to study the blueprints to the library! He immediately started looking through the blueprint standing next to Lullaby, and pointed at one section in the far back. "Look here, this place is built to be a mirror of the other side. There are two corridors of similar length leading to the back end of the library. But... Can you see it?" He pointed at a section that was not symmetrical at all. "The two royal sisters have their own secret section in the library, but no one knows how to get there. Well, I happen to know", He circled one of the corridor's walls with his beak (only as a visual gesture, not drawing!). "This is a secret doorway. Thankfully it is not protected by a magic seal. It uses old fashion trap door mechanics". (I am stopping here, even though I would continue telling where this leads to, i just want everyone to be able to add to the story if needed. I am using the information from Equestria Girls special "Forgotten Friendship". And that special cavern underneath the library has a lot of spells that could probably destroy Equestria if it got to the wrong person! I think Netflix has "Forgotten Friendship" if you haven't seen it, but also Hasbro's Youtube channel has the uncut 5 parter in multiple languages, one of the best episodes in the entire MLP in my opinion)
  8. That’s nice always doing nice boSS
  9. I can't say till the show ends
  10. In your opinion, what’s the biggest case of wasted potential in the show? For me, it's the Pillars.
  11. none i don't even know who are these people and yes l never heard of them
  12. My dog has died.:(

    1. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      I’m so sorry. :( 

  13. Why yes, hello there meme man. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  14. I'd love a game where I am playing as a villain of my choice, with plots, plans, and schemes to conquer and destroy the mane 6. With the ending differing depending on how you play, who you choose, etc, all dealing with Equestria being conquered and the mane 6 being killed off or enslaved. With brutal fighting, showing friendship can't prevent a massive army, hellbent on the destruction of the very idea of friendship and bringing glory and conquest to the villain you play as, with massive monologues, evil laughs, gloating, yes....all of that...!
  15. WHAT I never knew Walmart sold lift kits! 

    1. Xeltor


      You lift gurl?

    2. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      Nice! Get some muscles, gurl! You'd look good with 'em! :mlp_icwudt:

    3. Captain Clark

      Captain Clark you even lift? :proud:

  16. Thing is this is the last season of the show, only a handful of episodes actually reflect that. A good majority of the episodes here sound like they'd be fine in any other season, but as the final season they feel extremely underwhelming
  17. I want GTA V ponified, Just dont ask me why, buti think it would be awesome
  18. New banner is looking awesome! Great work. :love:

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      thanks, it's actually a cut out of one of IDW's comic covers, i just made some parts clear and extended the smoke thingy so it matches the banner size

  19. We’ve already had episodes this season that have been better or meant more than their raw premises let on. (the sunset festival one for example). So I wouldn't instantly discount these. The CMC one though, that honestly sounds like a swan song of sorts. ANd it’ll give us something the fans really have asked for. We’ve wanted to know how the CMC would look as adults ever since it became obvious that the CMC should’ve started looking older. So, this feels like a way of giving that to the audience before the end, without full on flashing forward in time.
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