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  2. Man, this has to be the best Easter I've had so far! Has an amazing time with friends and family today and remembering the true meaning of Easter! And what better way to end the day then spending time with my friends here!:sneer:



  3. Oh yeah! 10/10 New York Style Pizza.
  4. “HALLLP!!! CRUSADERS R ATTACKING R TRADE ROOTS!!!!” - White Caucasoid European who loves wearing Turbans and acting like a typical Middle Eastern Arab.

    1. imawesome


      Nostalgia... not because I liked the band growing up, but because everything about this song pours late 90s early 2000s nostalgia galore. 

  6. As always, I'd go to church with my family and then meet up our house with friends. First, we'd all eat some Romanian dishes and then us guys would play around and do an egg hunt later. Finally, we'd sing a few songs and pray and then end the day.
  7. "No I don't believe being harmless is good, I think being good is being ferocious, but able to keep it under control...until the wicked test it."


  8. 927! That's all you're getting from me for now. I have GoT to watch soon.
  9. I didn't really have any plans as Easter is just another day for me but I ended up having dinner in a fancy restaurant with a friend of mine. The food was really good
  10. Nope not even old enough for that yet A Radio?
  11. The Easter Bunny after eating too much chocolate...


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    2. Woohoo


      More like the Easter Chungus. :P

    3. VG_Addict


      B I G C H U N G U S 

    4. Stormfurry


      That's what I feel like during Easter. 

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