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  2. Too bad that FiM is ending *sad smiley face*
  3. Yeah, there's a rumor going around on some online forums that I'm secretly a socially manipulative and abusive asshole. :v
  4. Eating some waffles in Belgium with a friend.
  5. If it's a Dr. Pepper, I call it Dr. Pepper. If it's not, I call it crap.
  6. A whopping "I'm not, go eat a bagel"/10
  7. Yes, I sleep with my head next to a window. I'll usually open it if it gets too hot or stuffy in my room (which often it does), since I like my room very chilly at night.
  8. My standard of friends is pretty darn high, come to think about it. I'll support and care for my friends, just as long as they support and care for me when I need them to. It's not just people I hang out with, even people I hang out with regularly. Friends are close. Everyone else is just... sorta there. Anyway, I genuinely don't feel like I can come to any of my family members with my issues, because I know they won't care. I've always been the outlier, the loner, even in my own family. So I don't consider any of them friends.
  9. A lot of people seem to consider me handsome or cute. I dunno, you be the judge.
  10. I need a good heightmap of Tamriel. :/

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  12. Witch-king of Angmar (Lord of the Rings)
  13. Goodnight everyone :-P

  14. I call them soft drinks, since that's what they were known as when I was growing up.
  15. I'm pretty hideous in my opinion, so I would rank myself as a 1 or a 2.
  16. Even though we have our differences, I would consider my parents and my mum's parents as my friends. I wouldn't consider the rest of my family as such, as I only interact with them on the rare occasion.
  17. My bed is opposite the window, as I fear sleeping directly next to it
  18. I went MIA for a while so apologies for missing this initially. Congratulations on becoming a moderator my friend :yay:!

    1. TheTaZe


      Thanks, my friend. No problem though, I'll always be around in some form or another. :fluttershy:

  19. Am I a good or bad person?

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    2. Valencia


      a good person, of course :mlp_rarity:


    3. Partialgeek514


      If you intend to be a good person, then you absolutely are. I've only ever seen good stuff from you, so I'm sure you're awesome! :fluttershy:

    4. Jade Fire

      Jade Fire

      i think youre good ^-^

  20. But that's the type of weather I like the most, the only downside is the sweat buuut my body likes the heat better than the cold, and I live where it's super cold way too much. When it's 20 degrees outside my body wants to have a shiver spasm, when it's 95 it's uncomfrotable but tolerable. Even drowning in sweat. xD
  21. @Nightmare Mirage Can you please let Luna know that I love her? That'd be great! :ticking:


  22. I think the song is called Silver Scrapes. Thanks League of Legends, lol.
  23. For eating Pinkie Pie’s pies. They’re her pies darn it!
  24. This caught Placidus by surprise. He didn't expect that to happen. He smiled. "I guess you're one to play fair, are you?" Placidus was starting to grow more attached to Mystic. Despite meeting her today, he felt as if he knew her for a lifetime.
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