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  2. Riding in the car and shouting the lyrics to "Jessie's Girl" with ur friend is the best way to go.

    1. CypherHoof


      Unless (or especially?) if she is called Jessie ? :D

  3. Banned because I'm more likely to eat you then you are me
  4. Yes, seen you a few times in Forum games and in General Discussion.
  5. Only when I'm with friends who have the same first name, makes it a whole lot easier to distinguish them.
  6. Actually I just happened to catch Sahalia the lizard girl as I was scrolling around, though don't remember how I ended up there lol. She's awesome and I believe Lektra and her would maybe be friends 😉 I'm also skimming over a couple of characters just random, and we seem l have a couple of enchanting teachers around here. @Denim&Venom you seem to have one too? Dunno, I kinda liked Ira from what I read. She doesn't seem that bad that warrants her just ceasing to exist, but I mean it's your character. Did you want to discuss Ley though? I'd like to figure something out with her and Lektra that isn't silly, cause just I personally like Ley and just gotta request something within the realm of possible - Just twiddling my thumbs waiting on @Dualityand had a read on the other character trying to do Magitek that left. Glad we don't have to deal with that any more. Gosh that was such a mess, and so many allowances were made. I'm seeing a bit of disrespect to the GM as well as the RP itself (you're ruining my character, I know better since I've done this before), and just all around Op that had to be worked out. People have to understand that the GM has final say on what's considered fair, and someone with that amount of far reaching ability due to pulling basically a cartridge out of thin air and suddenly adding a power needed balance. That and there was so much bull about being a young genius that didn't make sense, as well as no explanation that I saw for having all this stuff. IIRC it was said a whole story had to be created for the character, and here I am just an enchanter using what exists 😉 I mean if I have to make changes I will, I don't mind. I just found it interesting how restrictive people try to be about changes, then complain the GM is ruining their fun, not realizing the GM is just trying to make sure everyone has fun including the character being balanced Also as an aside, it's nice to see people I'm familiar with and comfortable around here. Buck, Denim, and Nexus 👋🏻 Really have high hopes for SU
  7. why it's only ICHINOSE SHIKI, the most FABULOUS idol from the IdolM@ster series. Here's a glimpse of my wonderful 500+ images folder of her: GODDD LOOK AT HER I want to BE her
  8. yes finally made my oc :3 love the color i did ^^

  9. Finally got an upgrade on that POS phone I had, and decided to test out the camera. Thought it looked pretty goo- ... Ah shit, Danny got in again.
  10. It moves
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