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  2. "Well, you're taking this strangely well." Shining Armor said before turning his attention to Mason. @Arid_Blitz @Dynamo Pad Mason kept his ghoulish gaze during Canteen's characteristic silliness. But before Dynamo and Canteen could hug each other, a shadowy tendril wrapped around the side of Canteen's head and sealed his mouth shut, leaving a rectangle of opaque black energy over his mouth before the tendril disappeared. Canteen could still breathe, but he was completely muted. Mason cleared his throat and waited for the others to direct their attention to him. "Believe me, girl, I expected no different." He said to Rose before turning to Dynamo. "You should be worried about your missing teammates," He warned. "You're too late to save them now, but if you find them quickly you might be able to watch them die after Rokata takes out their hearts!" He chuckled sadistically to himself. It seemed like he might be making all of this up just to get a reaction out of them. This pony was clearly less restrained and more sadistic than other members of his team. "Don't pretend you understand anything." Tricis demanded, lifting Draco a few inches off the ground with a telekinetic aura. She'd given almost all of her strength to Jade, but she still had the energy to trap Draco in a field. She quickly hurled Draco away a few meters just as Rokata rushed to the spot where Draco was standing with blazing speed. He would have plowed through the pegasus if he was still standing there. Rokata swiped a hoof at Tricis as it transformed into a monstrous claw in mid-air. Tricis jumped out of the way, but the sharp tip of the claw sliced deep into her hind legs, spraying out a mist of blood as Rokata's leg slammed into the entrance of the cave, loudly thudding against the stone as it created a massive crater in the mountainside. The interior of the cave shook, threatening to collapse on Jade if this continued for too long. Rokata stopped and turned around in time to see Jade performing her new ability. It was similar to the spectral dragon the Spirit Warriors fought with, but the important difference was its intensity. The blinding light and overwhelming power Rokata could sense made him almost... nervous. He smiled as he turned around to face her. At last. An opponent I might not defeat. He extended his claw with an open palm as Jade rushed toward him. He braced himself for the impact but didn't attempt to dodge. But now isn't the time. Soon enough...
  3. @Blitz Boom "There indeed is more to them than anybody else thinks." Ruby replied after sitting down in a way she could look after the bag "I obviously won't reveal too many details, but there is few things I can mention." "Firstly, they are worthless when it comes to money, they are good example of being so old and rare that no creature knows anything about them, besides me of course." "Their worth comes from how due to the way they were created, they can be used other than as form of payment." "Though I haven't figured that way out yet, because I haven't been able to test it due to how rare they are around here." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nada checked the door was locked after Berry, then heading to the pool, not hurrying with the swimming since she knew she was bound to be faster than Berry.She could tell from the water when she passed Berry, but continued a little bit, until eventually she rose to the surface and waited for Berry, humming quietly to herself.
  4. I require roughly 10. If I don't sleep well enough, I end up feling pretty miserable.
  5. Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your stay and make lots of new friend.
  6. I liked the new episode "Frenemies", it is great and really makes me look forward to seeing the finale! :yay:


    It's also interesting how the villains were the focus in this episode.


    1. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Their banter to each other was perfect.

  7. "Yeah, we have been lucky." Jenna said, she had taken out the phone she used to messaging the ally "Talon arrived about ten minutes after we left, to your house I mean." "The house is fine, but they are pissed, I'm gaining a name for myself for being able to kill two Vipers." "So we need to be extra cautious."
  8. Haven’t seen it, sadly. The Dark Knight.
  9. A lot of KISS songs have helped me through some really tough times.
  10. The only song in this season I like. I love them because of the fact that they rebelled against big goat Grogar. I don't like him.
  11. That a Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess 2 was released, and the final boss was an evil Great Deku Tree-like being.
  12. Jenna just smiled "I could start training you more actively." she then suddenly said "You know, after school or something, it would work as a hobby to both of us, and you would learn important self-defense skills."
  13. A few hours would pass before a loud noise could be heard. After the that, the panel was opened. "They searched place for a good while. They eventually got annoyed about finding nothing and destroyed the table. They will be back though."
  14. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: All the mare's nodded but Golden, she instead said "I'll wait here, I don't really like crowds, it makes it harder to know where I am, Lunar knows what I want." Lunar confirmed this with short 'yep'. Sunlight got up and waited for Dynamo, meanwhile Golden sat down to wait. When Dynamo was to be ready, the group would head towards the bar. Jade: "Like stated previously, I have absolutely no preferences on what we look at or do." Jade reminded with kind turn, which turned to humorous when he continued "Until of course you're one of the things to look at." he made it sound like a joke, but it was fully true.
  15. The Last Crusade aired in Italy a few hours ago. If all goes well, Loonex (who streamed the Italian dub) will post the English version later today.

    1. TheAnimationFanatic


      I've heard someone compare it to "Crusaders of The Lost Mark".

  16. IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL......... ......... WHAT THEROCKAROOSTER.......... IS COOKIN’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Welcome back, my friend. ^^

  18. "If that's you prefer, I guess." Placidus looked at the goose that was still very persistent. "Look at this thing. He's still at it."
  19. Tiny Endgame spoilers...


    I just realized that Cap unknowingly made out with his wife's grand-niece. While not too bad since they don't share any DNA, it's still a weird thing to think about...


  20. Yes yes, she a cute horse. TPAM has been overseas
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