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  2. Velvet looked up with a cheery smile, seemingly not worried about the toothy grin that most ponies might be a little unnerved by. Perfectly understandable reasons, as most sharp-toothed things tend to be dangerous. Velvet, however, was perfectly cheerful and happy to greet and serve the pair if there was anything in particular they wanted. "Hello, sir. I'm doing quite well, thank you. Nice quiet morning with some fresh warm coffee to start that day. How can I help you?" He asked, pushing a basket of fresh strawberries towards the pair. A sample he offered ponies, and hoped it would cheer the poor mare up even a little bit. "Forgive me for asking, but would you happen to be an Evergrown? I've read about them in books, but never actually met one for real, so I thought it was better to ask. And...I'm being rude, aren't I?" He was concerned his well-intentioned curiosity would be seen as an insult, and that was hardly what he wanted, since Velvet tried to get along with anypony he met, always looking for things they held in common rather than getting hung up on differences. The potential bad review on his workplace was also a factor at the moment.
  3. I don't, because I usually check if there is a roll there before going. I mean it's literally in front of me, I wouldn't go if I saw it was empty.
  4. I’m not a fan of one-pony-one emoticons on this site right now but I think I’ll like them once it’s Fluttershy day again.
  5. @Lucky Bolt

    For you and Cyclone.


    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Awwww. :wub: That’s really cute. 

    2. TheRockARooster


      I miss him.


      I love you both so much. ❤️


      Sorry for repeating myself so many times.

    3. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      I know. I miss him a lot too but hopefully he will make a return here very soon. 

  6. I misspoke. By the fingerprint thing I mean it’s one of those things only I have access to because if someone else touches it they explode. And keep in mind, I’m the only one who can explode infinitely.
  7. It's insane that someone would do this to a studio that was just trying to make cartoons. My most sincere condolences go out to all the victims of this tragedy.
  9. Ok. I’ll try and do it tomorrow though it’s a bit late for me to do writing.
  10. Oh, he does I um...yeah I’m not gonna say...
  11. Those are adorable, Lucky. I hope Cyclone will come back here, one day.
  12. She soon reemerges wearing a pair of Tripp Pants, a Hollywood Undead tshirt, a studded leather jacket, and a pair of knee high platform boots. She spins around a little "Well, this is certainly a different style, but Sunset says it suits me"
  13. I had a great time with family today out at my aunt’s land. Also this was the first time I brought a guy with me to the family cookout. :laugh: @Cyclone1066. I’ll say he was a huge hit with my family. Heh.

    Here are those pictures I promised you, @SparklingCaps:D


  14. Got a compliment on my Rainbow Dash coffee mug yesterday. There was a tour at work and one of the ladies noticed it on my desk.  :fluttershy:

    1. CloudMistDragon


      I still remember the day where I got a compliment on my King Sombra shirt from a guy at Starbucks. Good times. :bedeyes:

  15. De-facto atheist here. Spent years in mental purgatory due to fear of hell holding me back in my childhood. I've overcome the fear of such illogical places thankfully. I have received a lot of judgement, misunderstanding, anger and offense for not believing. It sucks, but people will be people. Though I have never pushed my beliefs on others or talked down to religious people because I do not care what someone's beliefs are unless it negatively impacts others, I have had plenty of theists talk down to me and threaten me with hell, punishment, etc. I constantly hear of the so-called "persecution" that Christians face in America. This is pure fallacy-based hysteria. Laws are made by a Christian majority. God is on our money, in our pledges, and used as justification for the passing of laws, bills, actions, etc. Churches are tax-exempt, while spreading influence into our politics, our government, general places that cross the church and state wall. I've had Christians claim that I talk about God so often because I "hate" him and actually do "believe" in him. I do not speak of God because I believe he exists, I speak of God because I know that believers exist. To them, I ask: if laws, schools, and our money represented/displayed images and quotes that speak the name of Allah or any other God, wouldn't you, too, have something to say about it? When something you don't believe in is used as influence/justification to make changes and write laws in your society, wouldn't you, too, have something to say about it? Taking prayer out of public schools (that are RAN by the government) is not religious persecution. It is a rightful step in retaining the wall between church and state. Petitioning to remove God's name from the pledge is not religious persecution, it is a rightful step in retaining the wall between church and state. In our First Amendment, it states this: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." The cries of the Christian majority are out of fear of losing control and influence in the political and social facets of our country. If simply being kept in check by the government to enforce the separation of church in state is enough to cause mass upset and rage, imagine what it is like for a Muslim or Jew to live in a country that so obviously panders to one specific God. And maybe it is the fear of losing their imposition that causes the upset. Maybe it is the fear of losing their religious majority that causes upset. If Christians cannot handle being held to the same standard as all other religions in America, imagine what it would be like to walk in the shoes of your Atheist neighbor, your Jewish neighbor, or your Muslim neighbor. I talk of God because of these problems. I talk of God because of the wish to become an even greater power in our government and society. It threatens religious freedom and threatens to silence or oppress the voices who do not belong to the same system of beliefs as Christians. I am not oppressed, but the way that Christianity as a whole acts in America is that of an oppressor who grows ever-hungrier for more power and a louder voice that wants to become the center of everything in it's control. And that is not what America is meant to be. That is not the dream our Forefathers envisioned, where we have a secular country, founded on freedom of religion, where one religion cannot have control over the people. The spread of religion into our politics, our government, is toxic to our foundation and must be defended against.
  17. haha well I don't really like bnha that much, superhero stuff has always been cringy to me, but just as with opm I'll be watching the fourth season because the animation and music is good and how could I otherwise argue with all the bnha fans when it's time for the yearly anime awards? Seriously though, it'll be interesting to see where they take the story from here. I have not read the manga for obvious reasons, though I do have an idea of where things are heading. Maybe the League of Villains will actually have Shigaraki be a major impactful enemy in this season as they totally blew all opportunities with the joke of a villain from last season that was All For One. Maybe they'll dump him and mr beak guy is the next threat. I don't watch in dubs so this trailer might not be as relevant for me but I haven't seen the japanese one yet anyway. By the way, Invisible Girl is my favorite character we have seen so far. Bakugo is my least favorite :p sorry op. no wait, my least favorite is Mineta. Oh! And I hope this season will have great OPs and EDs too as that's one of the things I actually enjoy about the series. Got quite a few of them on Spotify, in fact.
  18. It's always great to have people coming back to our fandom! Hope you have an awesome time getting back into the group!
  19. Here’s some wacko pictures from today of me and @Cyclone1066. Hell I’ll just post all of them. The camera caught me at some WEIRD angles and facial expressions. Thanks to my phone for making me look deformed. And of course Cyclone is looking perfect as always. Btw that kid in the background is my brother. Yeah guys @Cyclone1066 is still alive and I’m trying my best to get him to come back to this place.
  20. He again goes into guard mode and watches out for any angsty teenager or anybody that would dear to give face and flirt around with his girlfriend although this time he was smiling more after what he saw
  22. She smiles but then sees the belt in his hands and blushes "O-oh dear, maybe you're right" she says with a giggle and kisses his lips "But yes, maybe another belt, and one more outfit" she giggles as she then skips into the change room once more.
  23. I actually love the area where I live. It's fairly rural and has moderately dark skies. However, I've always wanted to own a lot of land with even darker skies. I hate moving, but I'm ready. I found that dream property. Just have to wait and see how things go.
  24. I'm a naughty widdle changewing
  25. Where is my bed!!! Zzzzzzz good night ponies!! :kindness:

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    2. Tacodidra


      Yeah, I'm quite a night owl. :LunaMCM: Thanks – I'll probably go to sleep soon too! :P

    3. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Goodnight Splashee! Rest well. :)

    4. Bleu


      good night! sleep tight!

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