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  2. Anyone get stuff from Santa Bunny?

  3. My grandpa died not long ago because nobody knew what his blood type was. As he was dying he kept whispering for me to "Be positive, be positive," and it was really hard to in that situation.

  4. How many of you have seen a cat defending their kitten against a mop? I have :catface:^_^

  5. "Nope" Mystic stated "I have nothing to feel remorse for." "I don't really have any real plans." "As long as I can get enough for myself to survive and to be able to spoil myself now and then, it really can't get any better."
  6. "Prey never wants to be prey." Ruby pointed out "Why would you want to be weak after all." she had a feeling she knew where this whole thing was going, it would explain why Somnus felt so different to the other ponies regardless of not really being any better, but she dismissed it for now.
  7. Happy Easter everyone.

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      happy easter

    2. Goofyg22


      Thank you so much my friend. Same to you.

  8. Peeps: Just so sweet, kind, and compassionate they'll remind you of the rich, gooey taste of a Peep. Would you believe your loved one if they told you they were a troublemaker in high school?
  9. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: Sunlight just smiled, she never really had anything to say after Dynamo gives a speech about something, because they usually were just him stating something about himself, which wasn't something she saw a reason to reply to. When they finally arrived to the flower shop, Sunlight held the door for Dynamo, and after entering she stopped and blinked surprised "This is one of the last places I expected you to be." Jade: "Well, for starters, you seemed to invade my mind, in a good way of course..." Jade explained, naturally that wasn't the whole truth, but the rest was something he wouldn't be able to explain without revealing too much "...I may not know what crush feels like, but I know that one of the signs of it is that one can't get the target of said crush out of their heads." When the sound of the door and familiar voice reached Jade's ears, he turned towards the voice, seeing his sister, and replied jokingly "Stallions sometimes want to look at flowers too."
  10. What a funny and silly episode, it's definitely the best one of the season so far. Shining Armor and Twilight's rivalry came out of nowhere, but it still managed to be believable as a sibling's dynamic. Luna's and Celestia's passive aggressiveness is starting to get boring, their expressions are great and the twist at the end worked perfectly, but their lack of communication definitely deserves a facepalm after so much time. Shining Armor's letter and Rarity stepping up as the mastermind were hilarious moments. That's exactly what I thought about AJ's alter ego and past. It really fits with her cutie mark story and her fillyhood friendship with Rara. I also liked that, even when her cover was immediately blown by Shining Armor and her distraction plan was of little help, she still managed to take her opportunity and steal the guard's badge that Rarity used later during Twilight's plan. Dash and Zephyr are great, I can't stop laughing at his absurd assumptions about Dash's interest on him. Rarity's face when hinting Dash to charm him was the best one of the episode! Pinkie's plan to travel to space fits her wtf personality and helped in nothing to the overall plan. Spike's and Fluttershy's spy attempt was actually pretty good, I really liked how Shy stated that they needed to glide and prevent flapping to avoid the geese's detection. The plot twist was great and much needed Spike love was an amazing way to end the episode. Overall, the episode was the first great one of the season, not to be considered into the all time favorites yet, but a great one still. The season has started well and is rising up, I hope this keeps going for the next episodes. Kudos to the VA's and the editors for such a silly episode!
  11. Those marshmallow chicks. -same-
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