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  2. Why do I want to go see Detective Pikachu?! :lostit:  

  3. Didn't like The Beginning Of The End (for wasting Sombra's comic arc, then reducing him to Pony Snoke), but found Uprooted decent and Sparkle's Seven good.
  4. Thanks for the follow!

  5. 469936 Such is Bills to pay, cardboard to buy
  6. Moluminus is not even a real fan of Mlp he just likes criticizing it.
  7. Moluminus in general seems overly critical of the show, IMO.
  8. I think it's off to a good start, compared to season 8, which put several weaker episodes near the beginning of the season.
  9. I think that this is just one person's opinion and NOT an objective fact. Same for you.
  10. My favorite line from the latest episode of "MLP in a nutshell".




  11. Having a Seagate external hard drive has been such a convenience for me. I've backed up just about every important thing I can think of, including documents, certain program setting folders, and even all of my videos that I've recorded. I've backed up practically everything to the point where I can re-configure my PC if I reinstall Windows without a problem. 
    I've set up folders for programs not installed by PatchMyPC Updater, programs in Programs and Programs x86, my videos and documents folder, my .minecraft folder, and backups of game save files. 

    I'm more than prepared!

    1. Tacodidra


      Backing up is definitely a good thing to do! :) We decided to put all the files on our old computer on an external hard drive after there were problems with it... and the computer completely stopped working the day after. :wau: How close we were to losing all the files... :sunny:

    2. Mirage


      That's a good place to be. I really have to replace my external - it's old.

  12. What sort of flan? 0-10/10 Sherbet Lemons
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