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  2. Welcome welcome welcome, a fine welcome to you! Have an awesome time here!
  3. Should probably do laundry tonight so I can stop wearing hamper pants

  5. 6/10. Not as bad as people say, but not remarkable either. Half Price Books
  6. 7/10. Good but not enough to keep my interest. Cops
  7. sleeping_rainbow_dash_by_yunguy1-d88aaon.gif.640cb9e7f98dbfe54fb8c5b731ca9365.thumb.gif.a17be6d8be9bbb7c64a9c05c65507efd.gif

    Goodnight everypony.

  8. Me drawing blood from a sweet dog. She didn't have great veins but it was enough for a sample. 20180814_105238.mp4
  9. Good morning everypony how is everypony on this typical Wednesday morning?

  10. Hello! I'm just a chill, easy going and friendly individual that loves MLP and making new friends. I also love reading, writing, baking, cats, chocolate, and spending time with family and friends. I can play a very little bit of each instrument below: Guitar, piano, violin, harmonica, stand-up bass, and kazoo. (That last one doesn't really take much skill as long as you can hum a tune xD) Oh, and I live on and help run a farm. Which is awesome! So, I'm more like Applejack really, I guess...complete with country accent. Lol So yep. That's me! Its nice to meet ya and I look forward to spending alot of time on here!
  11. Questions for Rara, How often do you hear from AJ? Perform your Countess song even though you went back to being Rara?
  12. No. Most of them thought I was an ass, I thought most of them were A-holes. Typical 1960's London orbital overcrowded British Secondary Modern school. Effing nightmare. Never want to cross paths with them again. I was sure some of them must have gone on to acquire criminal records after leaving. A couple of them were real nutters.
  13. Not banned, but throwing something at fluttershy would carry its own punishment - most likely Discord ripping them out of their silly tin armour so that Harry the Bear could have an extended discussion about politeness and how it relates to small yellow cute ponies.... This would not be a *quiet* discussion.
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  15. Hrmrmrmrm, yeah! I'm just a love machine, And I won't work for nobody but you Hrmrmrmrm, yeah!...
  16. The moral objections To something so profane Oh but the deepest of convictions Are the darkest positions Little remissions for the varicose vain So now you've done a little wrong And you swear you didn't do it But volition left you burdened with a curse And then you conjure up a fiction To get the pretty girls to listen
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