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  2. Looks like you are using HEIC format: Not sure if even most pcs can display it, browsers surely can't (unless apple I suppose).
  3. I myself am not trans, but I know a few people who are, in fact, they're good friends to me, and I support them 100%
  4. nope, (playmobil were more popular here when i was growing up) books?
  5. When you have enough money to purchase parts for one. That is why mine at the moment is a frankenstien of new parts and old parts.
  6. Same. And mine is on the verge of no return.
  7. Fairly sure this still has to do with this. This is a work in progress and we know of the problem at hand.
  8. I tend to wait til mine are on the verge of no return before getting a new one.
  9. Olly


    I was in a relationship with an adult while I was a minor, so my perspective might be different. People fret so much over this...
  10. I will forever hate the treaty of Versailles. 

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      was that the one where Germany aknoledged the war crimes during the world war?

    2. Califorum


      It was the one where Germany took full responsibility for a war they didn't even start and had to pay ridiculous amounts of war reparations, even through the great depression, until 2011. 

    3. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      it's what happens when you lose a war

  11. If you want me to update anything in the OP, see my status update or DM me something if you want me to add it so we can keep this thread on topic.
  12. Baelian - Kingdom of Heaven (though i'm pretty sure he was also a historical figure, he's changed enough to be considered a fictional character imo)
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