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  2. Honestly, I think that the show has gotten better since Lauren Faust's departure in Season 2. More ambitious, more emotional. Seasons 4, 5, and 7 are the show's best. Seasons 6 and 8 aren't quite as good but are still good nonetheless.
  3. Awesome banner, Totally Lyra! :D 

  4. I am not the biggest fan of flurry heart but this episode portrayed her nicely. The episode is a normal slice of life episode, nice humor and a predictable plot. Nothing really special here but nothing bad either. It was nice to see shinings and cadences relationship in normal situation. The best part for me was the story about grogar which twilight read to the children, it was clear in that moment he will show up eventually, if we consider the shows history with ancient villains. Nice foreshadowing there. 7/10
  5. Oh okay but wait dosent that screenshot look like it’s From a nightmare night.
  6. Between the S8 finale and the present, I have watched the movie with the hippogriffs and I'm currently watching the Equestria Girls hour specials. So now I have a greater understanding of the lore of Equestria and its various creatures. Just in time for the last season. This was an epic premiere. I'm glad it continued where the S8 finale ended with Tirek and Cozy in Tartarus, as they're suddenly teleported out by a magical ram called Grogar. I recall Twilight mentioning his name before so that must have been foreshadowing for his appearance. Sure, he doesn't look that intimidating, but neither does Cozy and that little filly almost destroyed magic. Chrysalis knows not to underestimate him, figuring he must have some potent magic if he can spring them so easily from their cages. His plan of collaboration immediately appeals to Cozy who takes friendship very seriously as a powerful weapon. Sombra, probably the lamest of the gang whose previous defeat was not by the Elements of Harmony but by a wingless baby dragon, protests the idea and insists on ruling Equestria alone. Grogar's plan is actually pretty pragmatic. If their combined effort succeeds in defeating the Mane 6, that doesn't mean they have to rule together. They could fight until the last creature standing and if Grogar is as powerful as he seems, that would definitely be in his favor. Twilight getting called out on Twilighting by her friends was humorous. That verb really needs to go in the dictionary forever. Twilight's reaction is understandable though, after Celestia and Luna just declared their retirement and appointed her as their successor. I can only presume that there was a substantial time skip since the S8 finale to justify Celestia's claim regarding Equestria's harmony and considering Twilight already became a headmare last season. Discord's inclusion is welcome as always, he's awesome. I liked AJ's throwback to Flim and Flam as villains since Twilight saw a future scenario where they won. Grogar may regret overlooking them. Despite Sombra not being as effective and intelligent as his fellow villains, he does succeed in destroying the Tree of Harmony and the Elements which were keeping the Everfree Forest in check, rendering it uninhibited and the Mane 6 without their friendship magic. Good thing Starswirl was there. If he and the pillars were still in limbo, there would be nopony with the means to control the overgrowth. When Rainbow attempts to fly in to Canterlot Castle, she is stopped by the brainwashed Wonderbolts. Even though Sombra was never shown or implied to have invaded Cloudsdale. I thought that was strange. Discord is a surprisingly reliable mentor to the Mane 6. He proves he can turn Sombra's attacks in to balloons effortlessly and he could have taken care of him whenever he wanted. Instead, he chose to deliberately restrain himself and fake an injury to spur the Mane 6 in to action. They begged him to defeat Sombra with his mastery of chaos but they forgot how powerful their magic was when they called upon their friendship. Sure, the Elements made it easier to access their friendship power, but when they're completely synchronized with each other's feelings, they can still do it. Discord showed them they didn't need his help, just their friendship and courage and that's why the princesses were so confident of Twilight's ability. It shows how far they've come from hating Discord to seeing him as a true friend and powerful ally. Grogar makes Sombra's second defeat an example to the others that the Mane 6 cannot be defeated alone. I don't think this is the end of Sombra though. Grogar will probably want to collect on their pact now that he agreed to submit if he failed. With some of the most dangerous villains working together, it really sets the finale for a climactic and perilous series of events. I have a feeling that this is going to be a mindblowing and gratifying last season of MLP.
  7. Well here's the thing.... things got outta control ever since Meghan McCarthy left. It seemed that when she was writing for the show, there was a more subtle plan and a good balance between characters. Season 4 was pretty much the show's prime! Season 5 was alright, but not really the best mostly cause it was Spike's worst season. Season 6 fixed Spike, but made most of the Mane Six useless. Season 7 was great for the Mane Six, but they underdid Spike again, and most of the attention was brought to Starlight! Season 8 did balance the characters out but most of the episodes containing the Mane 7 were underwelming, and then the Student 6 pretty much took over. Now that season 9 is here, I'm not sure what's gonna happen. Will they finish the character's arcs as planned, or will they be cheated again? Meghan McCarthy shouldn've left! I'm proud that she's become Hasbro's Head of Development, but it was her departure that ruined things! She shoulda insured the show would go off smoothly
  8. Here is one. There are more in the Spoiler forum Also read the attached Tweets from the show's supervising director. He confirms that the Mane Six VA's helped write their character's story beats.
  9. I wouldn't say season 6 and 8 are objectively the worst in the show because there is no factual basis for that argument other than personal opinion, but i do agree with that opinion my short answer to the question is Yes and no The story editor is basically the show runner for that season so he's basically got a hand in every script I hated most episodes of season 6 and part of me wants to forget season 8 entirely. Very few redeeming episodes in season 8, there were like only 2 or 3. for comparison's sake I'd say season 6 had about 5 strong redeeming episodes He's okay when it comes to writing normal episodes and in cases like Shadow Play, downright great. But with him story editing helm, a lot of the episodes just seem to lack polish Now is Josh Haber completely at fault for the show's decline? no not really. Has the show even gotten that bad? season 9 (so far) tells me no LOL I think an equal amount of blame can and should be placed on less talented writers who are new to the show and just write TERRIBLE EPISODES. The most clear example being season 8's Non-Compete Clause written by Kim Bryer Johnson, it's clear to me she has no business (or in my opinion talent) writing pony but she's still on the writing staff... for some reason. So in closing is Josh Haber the root cause of the decline? yes most likely. But is it just him? no I don't think so. You have to look at the pool of writers as well. That's my piece.
  10. 1. They are not objectively the worst seasons 2. Josh Haber alone is not why things went downhill. There are a variety of factors and piling the blame entirely on one person is ignorant.
  11. Oliver nodded, listening closely to Jenna's list of things to do and not do. "I like hugs as well," he agreed with a grin. His grin faded at the last point and he nodded. "Yeah, we need to make sure to keep that to ourselves."
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