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  2. HAPPY MCFLURRYHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. A play with shadows and light really catch my attention - you've succeed with it really well. Also murky background and uneven pattern of floor gives nicely mystical feeling, fitting well with magical library. All around it looks great!
  4. Anypony have a Skype account?

    1. Snow


      A lot of people have Discord accounts :darling:

    2. TheRockARooster


      I was asking if anyone would like to join a call.

  5. It does seem like girls are doing it more than guys, it's true. I've never seen guys I know do it to be honest .
  6. I'm so sick of being afraid all the time... :(

    1. Snow


      Then don't beeee! you got tha powah!!

  7. I admit it; I make myself look better as a person in front of people Shit that's honest
  8. Sometimes their last name sound better; so I do call some people by their last name (they're usually friends; people I barely know I know their first name, or just forget their names totally)
  9. Humans are perfect as they are; trying to add other stuff like tails, ears, add fur, that kind of stuff, is just weird
  10. @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo Pad: “I guess it’s a good thing that I have wrapped bandages on my front hooves, then. I won’t be able to run, so we can take our time getting back to the hotel. Sounds like a win/win situation, or something like that.” He chuckled slightly, following Sunlight as she went to inform their friends of their leave. Dew Drop: Dew Drop smiles softly as she saw the hoof Jade had offered to her. She nods as she placed her left fore hoof into his hoof, following Jade as she used her wings to float into the air. “I-It looks like we are i-in agreement. Well then, l-let is be off.”
  11. I think people don't care enough to think anything really; not that it matters
  12. Uh, basically none, honestly. I used to be super active on the Forum Games page and dabbled in roleplays every now and again, but mostly now I just talk in General Discussion and post really unfunny memes or unimportant status updates. :v
  13. A wonderful girl who makes me feel so happy. She’s such a dream.
  14. Super cool pony and one of my very best friends!
  15. Welcome to this friendly forum place @Bleu! You really slaughtered the format of your introduction post
  16. Today
  17. I have been active here for just 2 and a half weeks. I have not gain any negative reputation I think, so that's a good start.
  18. @Blitz Boom Impressive how easily they could gleam enough to identify individual ponies from just a description of the attacks on Manehatten. Or at least a grisly tale of what Thistle had to witness while imprisoned in the dark wizards little workshop of horrors. Centuries was a long time, even for a ghost, he figured. If these were to be threats the detective could have ended up facing upon his arrival, then he'll count his lucky stars this night that his appearance face to face with Twisted wasn't expected so quickly. The politics on who Lily would be given to was far above his head, but considering the warning she gave him about Twisted and her own fear of him, he doubted the Princess' would deliver a harsh punishment. The type of psychological trauma and twisting that goes with being under hoof of such a begin couldn't be easy. A up hill battle for the newly returned High Priestess indeed. Especially with any possible work she'll need to do to reassert her dominance over such an absent Queen. The wasps did sound problematic since some escaped, but Equestria has its own special animal handlers that might have different results with them than Harrowmark. Equestria itself, a land of light, hope and friendship in of itself could have an affect on the foreign creatures. Not to dissimilar to how the dark magic of this land had an affect on the unprepared Rising Dusk. "I couldn't ask for a better group of darlings in the O.M.I.," she gushed, proud with a twinkle in her eye. "Although..." she started, "With these growing threats and the new permissions to work outside of Manehatten, an expansion might be past do," The Captain concluded. It was difficult enough to defend Manehatten. If an attack stretched over Equestria, they'd be hard pressed to support the Royal Guard and Element Bearers. Thus far only Rising Dusk, Black Jack and herself had authority to enforce the law outside of Manehatten, "A celebration in Rising's honor you say?" she inquired. The Captain of course noticed the party going on when she arrived, but the details were not known to her. "Well, I haven't eaten since your departure and a little energy refill would greatly aid in returning the two of us all the way to Equestria. I gladly accept your invitation High Priestess," she bowed her head respectfully. Gracefully trotting along with her head held high toward the party, igniting her horn to levitate the worn Rising Dusk off the ground and float alongside her. "Come Detective Rising Dusk, you can't miss your own party!" He looked less than amused, but this was better than walking there himself in the long run. "No Cider," the unicorn expressed rather matter of factly. The elegant snow white unicorn gasped, "I'm beyond a grown mare! And your boss!" she snorted. "Cloudsdale," he replied with simply. "One time! I teleport a mountain to the Moon one time and none of you can drop it!" she groaned, almost dropping the floating stallion. "You're driving," he rebuked. While teleporting really wasn't like driving a carriage, he'd much prefer they return to Manehatten and not themselves end up on the Moon because she drank too much. "Fine!" she pouted and plopped the detective on a vacant seat with a thud. "Juice... Please," she requested through a forced smile.
  19. No one ever showed interest in me, so I never had to turn them down. What about you being turned down (if it ever happened), what was it like?
  20. funny-shark-eats-pizze-animated-gif.gif.10d144a39f241011362319fb881d38e1.gif

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      Wouldn’t that be cannibalism?


      Maybe not, lol.

    3. Dreambiscuit


      I...don't think this guy's is going to worry too much about that. That boy looks hungry! 

    4. TheRockARooster
  21. Banned for thinking I was banning Queen... When in fact I was banning song lyrics... I just, didn't word it correctly
  22. I like McDonald's. You always know exactly what you're getting. Wendy's varies too much from one restaurant to another so it's hard to get a consistent perception of taste or quality.
  23. Not banned for getting the reference Banned for banning Queen though.
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