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  2. I do it all the time. It's how I process certain things and help myself work through issues. If I never said anything to myself while troubleshooting issues, I'd never get anything done.
  3. Serenity: *she seems to have a bad dream* Sherem: yeah, it depends on how we both feel about the situation *he pets the small head of Shining* Sharp: *baby gibberish saying like: "what's a letter?"*
  4. The show tends to fall apart if you overthink things - mostly because it's not designed to be overthought. Overthinking leads to things like in Fame and Misfortune, where everyone questions why the Main 6 are as useless as the princesses and it sucks the fun out of the show for people who don't think too hard about it and enjoy it for what it is
  5. About to go see Avengers Endgame... AGAIN!

    I’d gladly see this movie at least 10 more times in theatres 

  6. *nudging Gallus* Wake up, Gallus. *yawns* Wow, you're up early, Silver. I know. We have a question for both of us. Also, they're serving pancakes today. *happy birb noises* Silver, how would you rate yourself as a flyer? You know, despite living underwater for most of my life, I'm actually a really good flyer. Maybe, in a way, swimming is like flying underwater. How about you, Gallus? Eh, not very good. Why do you think that? I was a very late starter when it came to flying. While most fledglings start flying when they're three years old, I didn't start flying until I was seven. Since I had no parents to teach me and every other griffon disliked me, I had to teach myself how to fly. *gasps* I uh... I don't know what to say. You don't have to say anything. It was really awkward and painful. *sighs* Silver's the better flyer. Question answered. PANCAKES! *flies off* Wait for me! *flies after Gallus*
  7. I wish people didn't think suicide was funny... :(

  8. OK thank you dear! I'm still struggling with some parts of the drawing
  9. I can’t grasp why they hired Wayne Renylds to be Defective Pikachu in the new Defective Pikachu movie.

    He’s terrible for voice acting. Just the same unremarkable bro-y voice every bro bros with. The role is supposed to be clever, gruff, with a secret, dark backstory. Not young, hyper & sarcastically commenting on everything.

     That works with Deadpool’s incessant, irreverent chatter. Not a supposed detective!

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      That movie looks like it’s going to suck so bad.

  10. Even though this isn't MLP, this is still REALLY cute. :3


  11. Banned because the rules of engagement in equestria are apparently that you can marry a princess provided she was your sister's foalsitter...
  12. Outlawed for not thinking about the Rules of Engagement when it comes to the war of the Cupkeks and Muffins.
  13. Well it isn't like she's lost it when the implications were more dire. Sometimes when others are in trouble its enough to distract someone from their own panic. Really, its interesting to see how this has developed. This kind of pattern is known with kinds of anxiety and Twilight has always shown signs of it. Her OCD behaviors are a waybof keeping the anxiety in check. Resorting books, making lists for the lists. It helps her feel more in control. Unfortunately as her responsibilities have increased, it doesn't seem to be enough anymore. It would be an interesting story to tell but probably too intense and depressing. Stories abound about students as on top of their game as Twilight, and they graduate, start their career, and even though nothing is really wrong, suddenly a nervous breakdown hits after years of going 110% , and bam, new patient with chronic anxiety needing constant medication. The introduction of "twilighting" though was a pretty uniquely funny moment.
  14. Only 1, unless you count the tiny attic, which is really just more of a crawl space than a room. The only entrance to it is sealed up so I don't even know what it looks like in there.
  15. Oliver pulled into the gas station as Jenna instructed, and turned off the engine to keep it silent. He sat back and watched her text on the phone. "Is your contact here?" he asked, looking around the darkness for any dangers.
  16. Bubble test pictures is the last thing I googled.
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