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  2. I would file for conscientious objector status and avoid fighting at all costs. I don't believe in war or killing people. There are always other alternatives to ending lives and destroying families; it just takes a desire to think outside the box and finding a peaceful solution. War is a matter of stubbornness meeting stubbornness and it's often the innocent that suffer for it. I believe in defending one's self or those who can't defend themselves, but it should never have to come to that if things are worked out before they escalate. This isn't always possible, especially when your enemy doesn't exercise restraint or honor in their tactics. But fighting should always be the last resort, even when someone else does a grievous wrong against you or your country. As for myself, i couldn't fight and wouldn't. If I don't choose war I'm not going to participate in someone else's. Governments may 'represent' their people in declaring war, but there's a lot of things that governments do that I don't agree with and I'm not going to kill for them.
  3. I've just read 'Rainbow Dash Rights the Ship' and it was what she loves to say, awesome. You might enjoy the story too if you'd wish to read it to yourself.
  4. "Cleaning, hauling...anything that can be done out of sight of other ponies." Mystic explained, though it wasn't the whole truth, because she also did lot of jobs that were more or less shady and sometimes even illegal, and she wasn't going to admit that.
  5. Ruby didn't say anything since she didn't have anything to add. Calti came out of the saddlebag and climbed on top of Ruby's head and sat down "Though there could be also a chance that they would bring war to ponies instead since I live among you, in which case I see their victory being very possible, but that wouldn't really concern me."
  6. (he was finally adopted by a family in england)

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  8. Although I suppose that Lyra would be very interested in making certain tests verify certain old legend, myth. ....just for a science.
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    Well, Lyra's dreams ain't that addressed methinks... as for the "other mare"... I tend to agree with thee
  10. I've just replayed Okami again, and I have to say the soundtrack at the end made my eyes well up. The ones right before and right after the final boss ...and the song during the credits (sadly the Wii version doesn't have it but I still found it on YouTube and wrote my own lyrics)
  11. You are welcome my best friend. I really would like my wishes come true! And probably I can imagine at least the general thread of them. I think that very similar dreams has certain white unicorn likewise. Poor Alex...
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